Tile Connect Mod APK 1.17.14

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Who doesn’t like puzzles? They are relaxing and challenging at the same time. In Tile Connect, you need to connect tiles with lines. The farther it is, the more prizes!

Tile Connect Mod APK 1.17.14
Name Tile Connect
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.17.14
Size 121.65 Mb
Category Board
Developer Higgs Studio
Price Free
Google Play Link link.merge.puzzle.onnect.number

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No matter your age, puzzle games are always a great mood booster. They also exercise our brain in a fun and challenging way. Because of this, a lot of people are always looking for new puzzle games to play in Android. If you want something like this, try Tile Connect – you won’t regret it!

This game is so popular that it already zoomed past 10 million downloads in Android! The game is simple though, you just need to connect tiles with the same images. It could be avocados, wolves, pizzas, gifts, hair blower and many more. But there’s a twist, you can only connect tiles that can be connected in a line. Plus, the farther the tiles are, the more rewards you can get! Care to play this game?

A Classic Puzzle Game

Whether we like it or not, we should exercise our brains every so often. This will ensure that we won’t go senile when we’re old. But although there are many ways to exercise your brain such as reading a book, learning a new skill, playing cards, dancing, or writing – there’s nothing more fun than a puzzle game!

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Humans love puzzles. This is why games such as Chess, Sodoku and plenty of others are still around despite the existence of chaotic games such as Fortnite, Free Fire and the likes. To help you exercise your brain, Tile Connect gives a unique and fun gameplay that allows you to relax. The main goal is to just connect all the tiles with the same illustration. There’s no time limit as there’s a twist. You need to connect the tiles in a line. This means you can’t connect them if there are obstacles around. So, are you excited to go up the levels and try your hand at this popular puzzle?

6 Best Features of Tile Connect

Sometimes even the most action-packed games such as Call of Duty can get a little overwhelming. When you need to relax and exercise your brain, try playing Tile Connect. Here are its 6 best features.

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Classic with a twist – Connecting the same tiles isn’t a new concept for puzzle games. It’s been overdone before and you can find thousands of these games in Google Play Store easily. But Tile Connect is a slightly different puzzle game in that it incorporates a more unique way of solving things. First, you need to still connect the same tiles but you need to be able to connect them with a line. The developers knew this would be stressing for some so they didn’t incorporate a time limit to make it a relaxing game. But even so, there are enough challenges here that will allow you to exercise your brain!

3 Mini games – In the playground mode, there are 3 mini games: Woodluck, Zuma, and Find the Same. In Woodluck, you just need to put the pieces in the board. You can fill it horizontally or vertically so that it clears. Then in Zuma, you need to tap two identical tiles to eradicate them before they go to the terminal similar to Tetris. In the Find the Same, there’s a time limit! This is a great way to enjoy the game even more. This way, you can customize a puzzle game and find one that suits your personality the best.

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Powerful tools – In this game, there are tools to help you get out of difficult situations. First is the tool that lets you rearrange the board. Although it doesn’t do much than that, it helps you get an easier board hopefully. The other tools will also help you a bit with solving the puzzle but the number of uses is limited!

Autosave and offline game – Tile Connect can be played offline! This means even without an internet connection; you can play your favorite puzzle game. Plus, it autosaves your progress. So even if you’re interrupted while playing the game, you can always go back to it right where you left off.

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Great illustrations and interface – The game is updated frequently so you get seasonal illustrations all the time. Overall, the illustrations in each tile are designed well. There are donuts, pizzas, cookies, cakes, pies and many more. Plus, the game itself does a very good job of guiding beginners.

Challenging levels – There are plenty of levels for you to complete in Tile Connect. The more you complete, the more rewards you can get and the more it will get harder.

Download Tile Connect APK – Latest version

Tile Connect is a great game that you need to play now. Download the latest version and relax in a puzzle game!

Download Tile Connect [121.65 Mb]


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