XVR Pro APK 3.5.2

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Do you want to view your videos anywhere? Download XVR Pro APK and view up to 4 videos. You can stream using your phone and manage them all.

XVR Pro APK 3.5.2
Name XVR Pro
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 3.5.2
Size 38 MB
Category Video Players & Editors
Developer yujingjing
Price Free

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Download XVR Pro APK – View CCTV

We use technology for a lot of purposes all the time. Thanks to technology, we now have smartphones to access many websites and apps. Thanks to many apps, we can do many things right now that we couldn't do before.

We can even use our phones to access CCTV cameras in any place today! With XVR Pro, you can easily view and manage all your cameras.

xvr pro apk

This app was designed so that any user can stream videos on their phone. Here, you're able to get a live view of any CCTV video you set up at the house, office, garage, or others. You can also record and playback video using a memory card you inserted on your devices.

You can also easily digitally zoom in to get a better view of things without doing it manually. This app supports two-way talkback, PTZ control, Snapshot, and browse pictures. Thanks to this app, you can access many tools.

View Your Videos

You can do a lot with a smartphone nowadays. You need to connect it to the internet, and you're already able to enjoy so many apps. Most apps today are free, and they let you do many things easily.

You can use them to play games, browse social media, edit photos and videos, and more. You can download so many apps right now and use them readily on your phone. There's also XVR Pro which lets you view and manage your CCTV cameras!

xvr pro app setup

There are CCTV cameras in almost every place we go in today's world, mainly urban places. These cameras are installed for the safety of everyone so that we can use them to track, monitor, and view different scenarios. With XVR Pro, you can easily manage and view all the CCTV cameras you installed.

You can view them using WiFi or a 3G connection on your phone! With this app, you can also access many other features like device management, Snapshot, browse pictures, record and playback video, and more.

This app can do so many things today that you only need to download it!

XVR Pro Highlights

If you're someone who wants to manage your CCTV cameras, XVR Pro is the app that you want.

Manage CCTV cameras – There are a lot of exciting apps that you can download today. You can find many uses for many apps right now, which is why people have smartphones.

xvr pro login

Thanks to these apps, we can do many things today, whether for school, work, or home. You can also monitor your house or office with XVR Pro! This app lets you view your CCTV monitors via your smartphone.

With this app, you can view up to 4 devices over WiFi or data connection. The app lets you efficiently manage everything to configure the cameras remotely. You can freely adjust the quality, tilt, adjust the volume, take a snapshot, and many more.

You can also record and watch the recordings to see what happened during the day. This app contains all the features you need to protect your security today!

View up to 4 cameras – Thanks to this app, you can set up and view up to 4 cameras. Whether you're setting them up in your house, office, or anywhere else, you can view them remotely using this app. Here, you need to log in to your account, and then you can easily view all your CCTV cameras.

xvr pro for android

You can connect to the WiFi or use your data connection to do so. With this app, you can easily view and monitor your surroundings to protect your privacy and security.

Snapshot and device management – The app also has a helpful feature called Snapshot, which takes a picture. You can take pictures of significant events remotely using the app.

You can also manage your cameras here as you can change the video resolution, pan and tilt the camera, adjust the sounds, record, and many more. You can do a lot with this app today!

Record and playback – The app also lets you record everything your cameras see. You can then play them back at the end of the day to see if anything out of the ordinary has happened. This is a helpful feature if you want to catch a culprit or if you want to know what happened while you're away!

Digital Zoom and Two-way talkback - XVR Pro also has a digital zoom which lets you see things closely. It also supports two-way talkback, which lets you speak to through the camera and hear back.

Download XVR Pro APK – Latest version

Thanks to XVR Pro, you're now able to monitor your cameras anywhere you are! Manage your cameras easily today.

Download XVR Pro [38 MB]


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