Pretty Up Premium APK 6.2.2

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Do you take a lot of photos for your social media? If so, then you might want to download Pretty Up Premium now! Instantly touch up your photos right now.

Pretty Up Premium APK 6.2.2
Name Pretty Up Premium
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 6.2.2
Size 129.61 Mb
Category Video Players & Editors
Developer accordion
Price Free
Google Play Link com.accordion.prettyo

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If you want to post photos and videos today, you can easily do it since there are a lot of social media platforms available. Billions of people today use social media to connect, upload, watch, and do all sorts of things. Life is now more convenient thanks to these social media platforms at our disposal. But if you want to make sure that what you upload is of high-quality, download Pretty Up Premium today. This app can adjust your face, touch up your body and make you prettier and slimmer.

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This used to be a thing that you can only do on editing software like Adobe Photoshop which requires experience and knowledge. Today, you don’t need to learn that complicated software since we now have this app. Here you can beautify your face, adjust your skin to be smooth, reshape your body and retouch your face! You can take a photo or a video and you can even adjust it thoroughly to make it realistic.

Easily Adjust Photos

We do a lot of things on our phones nowadays since it allows us to do just about anything. We can use it to search in Google, browse our social media accounts, call anyone, chat with anyone, and even take photos and videos. Because of this technology, we’ve changed the way we do things today and everything is essentially online. But if you’re someone who wants to upload the perfect photos today, then you need Pretty Up Premium! This app can enhance your videos and photos!

pretty up premium apk latest version

In this app published by accordion, you can easily edit your photos and videos today with the powerful features this app has. There’s the face retouch where you can reshape and retouch your face easily. Feel free to adjust the face shape, nose, lips, eyes and even the eyebrows! You can also make your skin smoother and whiter as you remove the blemishes and acne in your photos. Enjoy beautifying your face now as you can whiten your teeth and remove wrinkles.

You can also reshape your body today and make it slimmer if you want. You can achieve the perfect figure today with the app.

Pretty Up Premium Features

If you want to retouch your photos and videos, you can easily achieve it with Pretty Up Premium. No need for hard editing with this app.

Edit Instantly – Have you ever uploaded any photo or video on any website or app today? There’s a huge chance that you have done it especially if you’re always on the internet. We use various social media platforms today every single day and we upload a lot of photos and videos regularly as well. But if you don’t want to upload the worst photo you have, you can easily edit it now with Pretty Up Premium! With this app, you don’t need to be a skilled editor to achieve insane effects.

pretty up premium apk free download

With the app’s powerful features, you can achieve the body and face that you want today. Here, you’re free to retouch your face and change your face shape, lips, eyes, eyebrows and nose. You are free as well to change your body size to make it slimmer or fatter depending on you! Then, you can whiten your skin, your teeth and remove any unwanted acne.

Face Retouch – With this awesome app, you can now retouch your face easily. You can upload photos or videos then you can retouch everything to make yourself prettier or more handsome. Here, you can get bigger eyes or smaller ones, more plump lips, sharper nose, and even edit your eyebrows! This app can also edit your face shape to make it the way you want it to be today. Make yourself look like a model instantly with this app.

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Glowing and Smooth Skin – You also don’t need to worry about your skin as you can edit it here. You can remove blemishes and any acne in your face today to make it smoother. You can also remove your wrinkles and even your skin tone today. Moreover, you can whiten yourself if you want or edit it to showcase and highlight any part you want today.

Adjust your body – A lot of women love this app for this feature! The ability to easily reshape your body comes in clutch. Here, you can make yourself thinner, you can adjust your waist and easily have slim legs. There are plenty of things you can adjust today easily as long as you have the app. You’re even given great control!

Beautify – You can also whiten your teeth in here if you want. You can brighten your eyes and your skin as well. Remove eyebags today!

Download Pretty Up Premium APK – Latest version

Enjoy the perfect photo or video today with Pretty Up Premium! Download it now and enjoy endless features.

Download Pretty Up Premium [129.61 Mb]


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