Wheelie Challenge APK 1.69

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How long can you hold a wheelie? In Wheelie Challenge, you’re able to enjoy many types of bikes here. Try to enjoy many kinds of bikes and levels now.

Wheelie Challenge APK 1.69
Name Wheelie Challenge
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.69
Size 46.32 Mb
Category Racing
Developer Tomico
Price Free
Google Play Link com.tomico.wheeliechallenge

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Racing games are very popular with people of different ages. You can enjoy these games even if you’re busy since they’re fun and challenging as well. But if you’re into bikes, then there are also many racing bikes you can download.

But what if you don’t want to enjoy a regular bike racing game but a stunt one? In Wheelie Challenge, you can have fun with a bike as you try to hold a wheelie until you cross the finish line!

wheelie challenge mod apk

This challenging game will let you play with different terrains and tracks today. Then, you can also enjoy different types of bikes with unique styles, designs, and colors, from big ones to even bicycles. In this game, you can also choose different colors for your bike and rider today.

Enjoy customizing the engine and your motorbike as you head onto the race track. You can change the motor parts like the chassis, wheels, pipes, suspension, speed, and more.

Enjoy Performing Wheelie

If you want to enjoy a bike racing game, there are so many fun ones available in the Google Play Store. Just one search and you’ll find a plethora of choices, and you’ll be able to enjoy each one.

In these games, you can race against AI and even real players. But if you’re looking for something less severe and a unique one, try Wheelie Challenge now! In this game, you’ll need to hold the Wheelie for as long as you can.

download game wheelie challenge mod apk

In this game, you’ll enjoy performing Wheelie for as long as you can today until you cross the finish line. The only goal is for you to keep the Wheelie for as long as you can on different tracks. You can try performing different positions such as the superman, the one with one hand, and many more.

This is a funny game that will test your balancing and driving skills today. Have fun with the controls where you can brake, put the motorcycle up and perform many stunts. Freely customize the rider and the bike today and enjoy the ride!

Features of Wheelie Challenge

If you’re interested in a fun racing game, then Wheelie Challenge is the best one today. Here are the things that you can expect:

game wheelie challenge mod apk

Wheelie for as long as you can – If you’re looking for the ultimate motorcycle game, then you can find many of them in the market. There are all sorts of motorcycle racing games, from professional ones to street racing ones. But if you want something new, then you should try Wheelie Challenge!

This is a game that will challenge you to the limit on performing the world’s longest wheelie time! Here, you’ll need to hold the Wheelie for as long as you can to score high.

If you didn’t know, a wheelie involves the act of raising the front wheel off the ground while riding the bike. This is one of the easiest tricks to learn for bikes, but they’re tough to master. The challenging part comes from balancing it and keeping the Wheelie as long as you can.

wheelie challenge mod apk download

Here, you’ll ride through different tracks with challenging terrains. You can also enjoy many tricks and fully customize your bike and rider now.

Perform many wheelie tricks – In Wheelie Challenge, you’ll need to perform Wheelie for as long as you can so you can set records. There’s no end to this game as you only need to complete a wheelie as long as you can hold it.

But you can also perform many tricks on top of the Wheelie, such as the one-hander, the superman pose, the squatting position, and many more. You can enjoy many tricks as you perform the wheelie stunt here.

Customize your bike and rider – There are also many customizations that you can do today for your biker. Here, you can change the driver, add a passenger, body, helmet, weight, gender, head, hair, hat, glasses, and more. You can also change the color of the uniform of the driver.

wheelie challenge online

Then, you’re also able to change the bike part-by-part. You’re allowed to change the wheels, lights, rear, speed, suspension, pipes, wheels, chassis, rim, drum, and more.

Unlock many bikes – In this game, you can unlock many types of bikes, from scooters, big bikes, and even bicycles! Enjoy different styles and bikes with unique looks and colors today.

Download Wheelie Challenge APK – Unlimited Money

Enjoy the most enjoyable bike game today! Download Wheelie Challenge now and have fun performing Wheelie for a long time.

Download Wheelie Challenge [46.32 Mb]


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