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Enjoy dozens and dozens of drama stories available to read through your mobile device. Select, read, choose your favorites, and save them here. Download Webfic for Android now.

Webfic APK
Name Webfic
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version
Size 34.80 Mb
Category Books & Reference
Price Free
Google Play Link com.webfic.novel

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These drama stories will keep you entertained for a long time to come. Don’t numb your brain with television and video games all the time. You’ll need to take a break and enjoy the best reading app for Android. And Webfic is just that, when it comes to drama stories.

Webfic User Interface

Get accustomed to the user interface of Webfic. At first, the sheer amount of stories you can read might be a little overwhelming. But, you can easily simplify this process for you. Getting to know your tags and the interface will make this the best story app for Android.

Know Your Tags:

There are a few tags of genres and subgenres to understand before you can fully-understand Webfic. No matter what the story you’re looking for, it can be found through these tags. These tags will determine the exact type of story you are looking for.

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Here they are:

Style: Style will determine the atmosphere of the actual story. What kind of setting or overall genre will the story be told in? Additionally, what kind of elements can you expect to see?

Some of these are:

  • Romance
  • Tragedy
  • Obsession
  • Marriage
  • True Love
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Setting: Understanding the setting of the story is more about the mood. What kind of general vibe will this story be giving you? Will it be:

  • Good Girl / Good Boy
  • Obsession
  • Sweet
  • LoveStory

Relationship: Next, what type of relationships will the leading characters have towards one another? Are they going through a positive arc, or a negative one? Choose between tags like:

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  • Twisted
  • Love
  • Husband
  • Wife

Character: This is more about the personality and traits of the main cast and characters. What exactly type of person do you want to read about? Understanding your character’s personality and traits can help you empathize with them a lot more. Ultimately, you’ll see things from their perspective. Some of these are:

  • Dominant
  • Pessimist
  • Manipulative

Identity: What is their position in the story? What role do they have to play in life? Find out these important questions through these tags. As such, is your character a:

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  • Boss / CEO
  • Billionaire
  • President

Webfic APK Free Download

Get unlimited money to unlock full access to all your drama stories and chapters. To do this, just tap onto the Webfic APK Latest Version download link on our site. Hundreds of different and interesting dramas are just waiting to be read.

Entertain yourself for hours, days, weeks, and even longer with the sheer amount of readable content available on the app. Download now to enjoy.

Download Webfic [34.80 Mb]


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