Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two APK 1.1.7

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Download The Wayhaven Chronicles Book Two APK – latest version – Free on Android to take control of the outcomes in this story that feeds off your imagination.

Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two APK 1.1.7
Name Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.1.7
Size 6.04 Mb
Category Role Playing
Developer Hosted Games
Price Free
Google Play Link org.hostedgames.wayhaven2

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Return to Wayhaven once again for the second part of the story. Download Wayhaven Chronicles Book Two to continue where you left off and take your spot at the detective desk once again. There are supernatural forces at play in the sleepy town of Wayhaven, and you can either be with them or against them.


Build relationships with the vampires from Bravo unit, decide to support or fight against what’s going on, and build your own story in this 788,000 word interactive story. Play as a man, woman, or non-binary, be straight, gay, or bisexual, and decide your fate as you mingle with friends, enemies, exes, and more.

You get to choose the outcome of events and how you react to the themes of the story. It’s you who ultimately gets to decide how the story plays out.

Interactive fantasy novel

The Wayhaven Chronicles is an interactive novel series by author Mishka Jenkins. The book series takes place in the sleepy town of Wayhaven, where apparently the supernatural never got the memo that ‘nothing interesting ever happens in Wayhaven’.

You’re a detective sent to investigate the strange happenings in the town of late. Book One saw the sleepy town awaken into a flurry of exciting events. Now, in Book Two, things have returned to normal, and you’re now once again at your desk. But this time, you’re also the human liaison to ‘The Agency’ – an organization that governs the supernatural.


Do we need to say what kind of events will follow? Of course, you’ll have a special connection with the supernatural that others won’t have the luxury of experiencing, and you’ll eventually have to decide how far your relationship goes – or whether you should break it altogether.

Imagination frenzy

The Wayhaven Chronicles Book Two APK feeds off of your imagination. There are no sounds of graphics – just the text and the choices you can make with it. Each choice you make will send you deeper into your own branch of the story, offering multiple unique paths and various endings (plus numerous possibilities to re-read the book and choose a different path!).


This is one of the most complete and ambitious interactive novels we’ve seen thus far. The Wayhaven Chronicles dives into the depths of human relationships, ambitions, and complex decisions that will shape the course of events around them.

Build relationships

You’ll get to grow and develop the relationships that you developed in Book One and build new ones with the characters that you meet in Book Two. Continue to build your character and their relationships with friends, enemies, colleagues, and the supernatural.


Choose your identity

You’ll be able to choose your character’s identity in the game and this will influence the relationships that you develop throughout the story. Are you male or female? Gay or straight? Something else? Your choice. Your story.


Choose your allegiance

Will you stand in the path of the new supernatural events that are unfolding? Or will you make a new ally out of the situation? Or is your path more one of the peaceful mediator between our world and theirs? Choose the path that you wish to walk – but be prepared to suffer the consequences of choosing sides.

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Ready to dive into the depths of a supernatural fantasy thriller that will keep you up at night and have you pondering in the shower for days to come? Download The Wayhaven Chronicles Book Two – latest version – for Android and find your chosen path. Enjoy!

Download Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two [6.04 Mb]


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