Toca Life: Neighborhood APK 1.3-play

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Download Toca Life Neighborhood APK Latest Version free for Android. Create your character and explore all throughout the town.

Toca Life: Neighborhood APK 1.3-play
Name Toca Life: Neighborhood
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.3-play
Size 36.03 Mb
Category Education
Developer Toca Boca
Price 3.99
Google Play Link com.tocaboca.tocaneighborhood

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Welcome to Toca Life Neighborhood. Take your character and move straight into your new apartment. Create the right interior and customize the look to get yourself comfortable.


Hang out at the café, meet friends, and create memories with the different characters in-game. The world of Toca Life is full of many different wonder to explore and enjoy. As such, if you download Toca Life Neighborhood for Android, you will also be able to connect to your other games via Toca Life World.

So, begin your adventure of fun and chill times alongside a cast of colorful and interesting characters. Download the game now and experience a ton of different and memorable moments in the world of Toca Life.

Toca Life Neighborhood Features

  • Explore through the town and meet 23 different characters.
  • There are 4 different apartments to live in. Each with their own unique and individual themes.
  • Shop, shop, shop! Visit the design store and buy a ton of different furniture and objects to customize your home and make is explode with personality.
  • Hit the café with your friends when you feel like socializing.
  • You can also choose to drink smoothies with the assistance of the giant smoothie robot.
  • Want to capture a moment forever? Take your friends and family to the photo booth and snap the perfect group photo.
  • The Slothtato toy machine dispenses adorable sloth toys for you to keep.
  • Many more features are just waiting to be unlocked.


Toca Life has easy to use controls. The simple tap, hold, and drag commands can all be done with one hand. One finger is even enough to fully enjoy the game.


The graphics of Toca Life Neighborhood is quite unique. In fact, all Toca Life games have an interesting art style and graphics.


Everything is displayed in 2D. As for the art style, it is very cartoony and chibi-like. The characters look cute and loveable. It’s very easy for anyone of any age to immediately become engaged, just through the visuals.

So, Toca Life definitely holds up in the looks department. This is a game that visually won’t age poorly.

Toca Life Neighborhood APK Free Download

Now, the part everyone has been waiting for. When you choose to download Toca Life Neighborhood APK, you are choosing a blatantly better version than what you would find on the App Store. What we mean is, there are a few extra benefits, that the App Store version could never mimic.


For instance, as an APK, you can expect a faster download and installation. The time taken to add the game onto your device is cut much shorter. In addition, you’ll be able to save an amount of storage and mobile data from your device as well. These are just two of the basic benefits from downloading an APK.

Most of all, you can experience the Toca Life Neighborhood APK free download for Android. Play the game for free, without paying the initial price!


With that being said, you can ignore the price of the game altogether and just get straight to the fun. This is the way it should have been from the very beginning. Nonetheless, now you have the opportunity to enjoy the Toca Life Neighborhood APK latest version free for Android now.

Go ahead and continue to download and install the game for your Android device. Start your adventure through the town, meeting new people and exploring various places.

Download Toca Life: Neighborhood [36.03 Mb]


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