Toca Hair Salon Me APK 2.4-play

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There are a lot of exciting apps for you to enjoy, and Toca Hair Salon Me APK is one of them. Enjoy using various hairstyles, toys, customizations, and more.

Toca Hair Salon Me APK  2.4-play
Name Toca Hair Salon Me
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 2.4-play
Size 127 MB
Category Education
Developer Toca Boca
Price $3.99
Google Play Link com.tocaboca.hairsalonme

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Download Toca Hair Salon Me APK – Silly Hair

There are a lot of exciting apps that people can enjoy playing anytime they want right now. There are so many games for you to download and enjoy for free as thousands of them.

If you love simulation or casual games, then there are many choices to enjoy today. But one of the best ones to enjoy is Toca Hair Salon Me, as it lets you customize your hair.

toca hair salon me apk mod

This game takes inspiration from the popular Toca Hair Salon game but takes it to the next level. Instead of characters in the game, you can take photos of yourself and your family to edit your style.

You’re free to adjust the eyes, mouth, and hair and cut it however you want. There are many tools here, from clippers to razors to scissors and combs. There are so many styles to achieve in this fun game today.

Customize Your Hair

There are a lot of fun games for you to play anytime you want if you have a smartphone. You can play with so many games available for you to choose from and play anytime.

There are a lot of choices in many genres today like shooting, RPG, racing, fighting, simulation, puzzles, and more. But if you’re more into casual and simulation games, there are also many choices. You can freely download and enjoy Toca Hair Salon Me, which adds a lot of twists to the popular game.

toca hair salon me apk latest version

In this game, you can upload a picture of yourself or any other person and start customizing. Here, you can change the mouth and eyes and select the best hairstyle to go with it.

You can use your skills as a hairdresser to cut, style, and do your thing with the client. This game is fun, especially for people who love cutting hair. There are a lot of accessories and toys to use in this game.

There’s no pressure when playing this game as you can do what you want!

Toca Hair Salon Me Highlights

If you’re someone who loves hairdressing, then Toca Hair Salon Me is the game for you. Enjoy these free features.

Incredible game – You can have fun with a lot of incredible games available for Android right now. There are many available, and you can download all sorts of games without fail today.

There are many enjoyable games to download and have fun with any time you want. But if you’re a casual game fan, you can install Toca Hair Salon Me, a game about hairdressing. But this isn’t just any game as you can freely upload your photos.

toca hair salon me apk

Here, you’ll be able to cut and dress your hair or any of your friends and family. The app lets you take a picture or upload one from your gallery and start from there.

This game lets you adjust many things and use as many tools as you need to create your masterpiece. In this game, you can use clippers, scissors, combs, and many hair colors to bring out the best in each person. There are so many styles to do and enjoy here.

Upload or take a picture – In this fun game, you can upload or take pictures that you’ll use in the game. Here, you can take a picture and select the face shape you want. Then, you can adjust the eyes and the mouth as you can make it sad or happy.

toca hair salon me apk download

Then, you can also freely upload any picture from your gallery, which means you can cut anybody’s hair! Feel free to upload pictures of your friends or family and have a good time. You can show them their look after you’re done with your masterpiece.

Use many tools – In this game, you can enjoy using many tools that will allow you to create the best hairstyle. You’re free to use many tools like scissors, combs, clippers, mustache grower, hair color, and razor.

toca hair salon me apk free download

There are many tools to use here that will make you use your skills as a hairdresser. There are no shortcuts to becoming a great dresser, so you must hone your skills here. There are so many fun things to do here as you create the best hair.

Customize – In this game, you can create any style you want for the person you’re cutting hair. You can use various products and tools to make this dream a reality. After you’re done, you can show your masterpiece to your family and friends. You can freely practice as much as you want here!

Download Toca Hair Salon Me APK – Latest version

If you have a hairdressing talent, Toca Hair Salon Me is the app for you. Use your photos or take one!

Download Toca Hair Salon Me [127 MB]
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