They Are Coming APK 1.21

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It’s always fun playing in a game with zombies. In They Are Coming, you will do nothing but shoot at zombies every day! Upgrade your weapons and enjoy!

They Are Coming APK 1.21
Name They Are Coming
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.21
Size 52.71 Mb
Category Arcade
Developer OnHit.Dev
Price Free
Google Play Link dev.onhit.theyarecoming

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Zombies are fictional species that is used widely in numerous movies, shows and games today. When zombies are involved, you can get a lot of action, drama and shooting. This is why they’re always the best antagonists in games where people would enjoy shooting them as they run. If you’re still looking for a viable zombie shooting game, play They Are Coming now!

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What will you do if you encounter zombies on the road today? In this game, you can shoot them as they spawn endlessly. There are many weapons to use as well as traps to keep them out. Enjoy this survival and shooting game today as many zombies come to you at waves. You just need to shoot at them and keep them at bay to get to safety. Go have fun by eliminating zombies today!

Zombie Shooting and Survival

As we all know, zombies are mythological creatures that are undead. They are formerly people that have been bitten by another virus which caused them to be a zombie. The topic of zombies has been extremely popular over the years as many movies, shows and games incorporated it. Because of their popularity, they’ve somewhat become part of our culture now and we can see them everywhere. However, they are still extremely scare even if they’re fictional.

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In They Are Coming, your enemies are zombies and they have a lot of numbers. Every day, you’ll face hordes of zombies as you shoot them using various weapons. Here, you can equip yourself with shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols, assault rifles, SMGs and suits. You can also buy hammers, and even traps to keep them away from you. Buy melee weapons today so you can stay away from zombies even at close range.

You’ll face tougher and more waves of zombies every day as you play the game. But what’s important is that you enjoy it and you have lots of fun killing them. This game has ragdoll physics and classic pixel graphics.

They Are Coming Highlights

We’ve seen zombies from countless shows and movies by now. But we can never get tired of playing with them in games.

Shoot Zombies – We’ve become so accustomed to zombies now that we are so used to seeing them everywhere. They’ve become part of pop culture so much so that we see them in shirts, mugs and games. Because of this, we enjoy a lot of zombie games such as They Are Coming which is a new one from OnHit.Dev. This game is a shooting and a defense game combine that lets you fight zombies. Enjoy fighting against waves of zombies with just your determination and guns.

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You can buy and unlock many guns here such as pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, sniper rifles and many more. There are guns such as the MP5K, Saiga 12, Karabiner 98K and many more. You’ll also be able to buy melee weapons such as the sledge hammer, pruning shear and many more fun ones. To defend yourself against oncoming zombies, you can also lay down traps in front of you!

Zombie Shooting and Defense – There are a lot of fun shooting zombie games that feature realistic 3D gameplay and graphics. We’ve played a lot of these over the years that most people have become tired of it. This is why this game combine shooting and defense all in one fun and crazy game. This one lets you shoot enemies from a distance while barricading yourself with traps such as roadblocks, stones and many more. Don’t let the zombies near you by shooting them.

Buy Weapons – Zombies are undead creatures that are hard to kill. This is why one of the most effective weapons against them are guns! In this game, you can buy numerous types of guns from shotguns to sniper rifles to pistols. The game has a lot of them such as the Mac-11, Glock17, Desert Eagle, Remington 870, Double-Barreled Shotgun and more. Aside from that, you can equip melee weapons like the baseball bat, combat knife, crowbar, and many more.

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Traps and Skills – In this game, you can also buy skills such as kick training, speed training, strength training, and many more. Moreover, you can lay traps in front of you such as numerous roadblocks, and many more. You can also equip first aid so you won’t die quickly.

Ragdoll physics and pixel graphics - They Are Coming is a fun game that implements ragdoll physics and pixel graphics. It’s a classic game of zombie shooter and defense that you can enjoy.

 Download They Are Coming APK

Don’t let your guard down as many zombies come in They Are Coming! Fight them using weapons and traps.

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