The Pirate Caribbean Hunt APK 10.2.4

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Download The Pirate Caribbean Hunt Apk Latest Version Free for Android. Play the version to enjoy this military tactical simulator.

The Pirate Caribbean Hunt APK 10.2.4
Name The Pirate Caribbean Hunt
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 10.2.4
Size 111.61 Mb
Category Action
Developer Home Net Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.HomeNetGames.Pirates

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Are you familiar with the Pirate of the Caribbean movie? Here’s a game you’d love to play on your mobile device. The Pirate Caribbean Hunt is a new action game from Home Net Games. It is worth mentioning that Home Net Games is a popular developer of different mobile games. This game is also one of the most popular games on the Google Play Store, with over 10 million installs.

The Pirate Caribbean Hunt is rated 7+, and it is suitable for all ages. Download the game now and play it on your Android device. What’s amazing is that you can download it on any Android device. Download the Pirate Caribbean Hunt to enjoy the implied violence in it.


This game will take you to the Age of Piracy. Enter the heart of the Caribbean and behold its wonders. Sail into the time of blue waves, white skulls, black flags, and golden opportunities. This can only be possible with this game.

Grab the steering wheel as you hoist the Jolly Roger to sail through raids and battles, treasures, and ransoms. Can you become the Antilles’s, Crimson King? Download the game to find out.

Amazing Features

There are so many interesting things about this game, which is why you should download it. Here are some of the amazing features of the game:

  • The game has up to 20 different classes of ships. You can select anyone you like.
  • Size of fleets is unlimited in this game
  • There are five different ammo you can use. This includes chain balls, bombs, grapeshot, double shot, chain balls, and cannonballs. A mix of these weapons will make you a battle veteran in this game.
  • Use the heavy mortars to bombard the fortresses of your enemies
  • There are different ships to control
  • You can also use the special weapons the game offers. This includes burning oil, pre-boarding attacks, battering rams, explosive barrels, and more.
  • Rising experience levels and character development
  • This is a realistic sailing game. It incorporates time and distance.
  • There dozens of ports and hundreds of islands to explore and visit, both day and night.
  • Different features and possibilities that you can unlock. This includes different captain skills.
  • You can play either of the two multiplayer modes. This includes the PvE and PvP modes.
  • It offers a story-driven campaign mode. What’s amazing is that it is set in a world with different people.

Download the game now to take on the different scenarios and sea battles. This features merchant missions, convoy missions, pirate attacks, smugglers missions, escort missions, and treasure hunt. You can download the game on any Android device and start enjoying all the features it offers.

The Pirate Caribbean Hunt Apk Free Download

This game is undoubtedly an amazing one, with all the features it offers, as shown above. You can enjoy these features in the original version of the game. However, there’s more to enjoy, and you can do this by downloading the apk.

The Pirate Caribbean Hunt MApk is the premium version with so many enhanced features. This includes unlocked ships, unlimited gold, and other premium features. With the  apk, all your ships will be unlocked, and you can use anyone you like.


Download the latest version of the Pirates Caribbean Hunt on your mobile device to enjoy all the features it offers.

Download The Pirate Caribbean Hunt [111.61 Mb]


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