Tap Away APK 143.2.1

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Do you love brain teasers? In Tap Away , you can enjoy tapping the blocks to make them all go away. Complete the puzzles now by solving and using your brain.

Tap Away APK 143.2.1
Name Tap Away
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 143.2.1
Size 236.47 Mb
Category Puzzle
Developer Popcore Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.jctswbglsm.SwipeAway

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There are many fun puzzle games available to play right now. There are games that make you draw, board games, and even visualization games. Since puzzle games have evolved so much today, we can enjoy them more. But if you’re looking for a classic game that involves a fun and addictive 3D aspect to it, download Tap Away now! Here, you can connect all your braincells and put your skills to the test by solving the levels.

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From the makers of hit puzzle games with more than 250 million combined installs, Tap Away was published by Popcore Games! This game lets you enjoy an exciting puzzle game where you’ll need to swipe away each block without getting caught. You’ll need to be imaginative here as the blocks will only fly away at one fixed direction. There are plenty of levels you’ll need to solve today and you’ll need to use your brain thoroughly to solve them all!

Exciting Puzzles

There are thousands of exciting puzzle games that you can enjoy right now. They’ve come far from just being able to exercise your brain to even entertaining you with stories. With so many games today on the market today, you’d think that you’ve seen it all, right? But that’s where you’re wrong because Tap Away is a fun and unique puzzle game that lets you enjoy a different type of puzzle. Here, the goal is to remove all the blocks one by one today.

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There are many fun things you can enjoy with this game but the main thing you’ll be doing is swiping blocks. Here, each block has a pre-determined direction that they can go to. This is why you’ll need to take your time to carefully see the whole puzzle and get ride of blocks one by one. This is an exciting puzzle game where you can face a variety of levels and different challenges today. Enjoy this addictive 3D puzzle game today!

You can practice your critical thinking skills as you enjoy this simple game today. There are also many skins that you can unlock and enjoy!

Tap Away Features

If you’re someone who loves to play a fund and addictive 3D game, then enjoy Tap Away now.

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Get Rid of Blocks – At this point in time, there have been plenty of mobile games that you can play. There are so many enjoyable games today especially hit puzzle games where you can test your brain and other skills. So, if you’re looking for a new puzzle game to waste your time one, try this new one! Tap Away is a fun game that presents a simple yet engaging puzzle game today. Here, the goal is to gradually unlock all the blocks by swiping them.

Here, each block can only go in a certain direction which means you’ll need to rack your brains before solving it. You need to visualize everything first so you don’t get stuck while solving the levels. There are so many levels available as well as skins you can freely collect today! Enjoy swiping blocks in this exciting puzzle game today.

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Swipe – The puzzle genre is an enjoyable genre where thousands of games can be played today. You can enjoy quite a lot of games right now but a lot of them are action, battle royale and many others. But Tap Away differs as it lets you use your brain for once to let you solve a complex puzzle. Here, there’s a huge block in every level that’s made up of little blocks. Here, each block can be swiped away so you can solve the puzzle. The goal is to take out all the blocks until nothing’s left.

But things aren’t as easy as they seem as each block only has a specific direction that they can go to. You must then use your creativity and imagination to correctly get the sequence right so you will not get stuck. Although there’s no time limit here, there’s a limit to how many movies you can make! This makes the game more challenging as you go on.

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Unlock Skins – You can unlock quite a lot of skins in this game. There’s one for every color and different designs as well. Enjoy unlocking them all by completing the levels now.

Plenty of Levels – There are different levels in this game that you’ll need to play. Here, each level presents a unique challenge that you must overcome. There’s also a certain number of moves that you can make to solve it.

Download Tap Away APK

Enjoy Tap Away now and complete different challenges! Take away the blocks today and unlock skins.

Download Tap Away [236.47 Mb]


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