Tachiyomi APK 0.12.3

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If you’re someone who loves reading comics a lot, then you can download Tachiyomi APK now! Find thousands of manhwas, manga, and comics here!

Tachiyomi APK 0.12.3
Name Tachiyomi
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Last version 0.12.3
Size 18 MB
Category Entertainment
Developer inorichi
Price Free

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Download Tachiyomi APK – Free Comics

If you’re someone who loves entertaining yourself, then there are many apps available in the Google Play Store today. You can freely have fun as you enjoy so many apps right now, about games, social media, entertainment, and many more.

But if you’re into comics, you won’t find the best comic reader in the Google Play Store. You can only find it here, and it’s called Tachiyomi! This app contains thousands of free comics for everyone.

There are much anime shows right now, but many people still read written works. There’s also a new breed of comics that originates from South Korea called manhwa, and you can find many of them here!

tachiyomi apk free download

In this app, you can download many extensions like Asura Scans, MangaOwl, MangaSee, MadaraDex, MangaDex, and many more. Then you can enjoy reading so many titles like Absolute Vision, Arcane Sniper, Solo Leveling, Auto Hunting, Bowblade Spirit, and many more. You’ll find all sorts of comics to read here!

Read Many Comics

Right now, you can do many things easily with the internet. Many apps exist to provide us with many tools for our school, business, and other purposes.

We can easily use various apps that provide us with movies, games, social media, and many more. But if you’re into comics, there are quite a few of them that you can enjoy in the Google Play Store. But one of the best ones isn’t on it, and it’s called Tachiyomi!

If you’ll notice, most comic readers today only allow you to read some of the comics if you pay for them. However, if you don’t have any money to spare for comics, you can download Tachiyomi.

tachiyomi apk latest

Here, you’ll have the ability to read as many mangas as possible, manhwa, and comics that you can find for free! This app lets you download so many extensions today such as MangaOwl, Mangabat, ManhuaUS, Webtoons, Mangakakalot, BILIBILI, MangaDex and many more.

You can find all sorts of comics to read here in various categories like drama, action, adult, adventure, comedy, cooking, and many more.

Tachiyomi Highlights

If you love reading, you should install Tachiyomi on your phone now! It contains thousands of free comics.

tachiyomi apk

Access many comics – The best thing about the internet and smartphones today is that they let you download many apps. Thanks to many apps, we can essentially run a business, work, and enjoy our lives.

We can freely enjoy using various apps available right now for work, school, business, productivity, and personal use. You can also find apps that let you read comics for free such as Tachiyomi. This one has every single comic in the world that you can read!

While many comic reader apps are available, most of them are paid. The best thing about this app is that it’s free, and it houses an extensive database of comics in the world.

This means that you can enjoy reading different comics like manga, web novels, manhwa, and many more. You can enjoy reading all sorts of categories like action, romance, drama, adventure, mystery, horror, thriller, harem, Isekai, adult, comedy, and many more. There are all sorts of titles available in this app!

tachiyomi mi apk

Install extensions – You can enjoy many extensions to download in this app. This is the ultimate app that you can download for free for comic lovers. This app lets you download all the extensions available on the web today. This means that you can access hundreds of thousands of titles today for free.

Here, you’ll enjoy many titles like Mangakakalot, Asura Scans, MangaNelos, MangaSee, MangaOwl, MadaraDex, ManhuaUS, Webtoons, Flame Scans, Genkan, and many more. Under each extension, you’ll find so many titles to read right now!

Read many titles – If you’re someone who loves reading comics, then this app should be on your device! It’s free, and it lets you read as many titles as you want right now.

This means you can enjoy reading ones like Counter Cube, Crimson Karma, Dark Mortal, Eleceed, Solo Leveling, Demonic Spirit King, Girls of the Wild’s, Global Martial Arts, and many more. You can enjoy different categories in the app, such as action, comedy, romance, drama, thriller, horror, adventure, and more. Whatever genre you’re feeling, you can find them here.

tachiyomi tachiyomi 21436 4_optimized

Customize everything – Tachiyomi also lets you customize everything in the settings. Here, you can change the appearance as many themes are available, which feature various colors.

You can also select what reading style you want and enable other features. This app also lets you change the cover art for your added titles!

Download Tachiyomi APK – Latest version

If you’re a comic lover, then you should install Tachiyomi now! This is a free comic reader app for everyone.

Download Tachiyomi [18 MB]
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