T3 Arena APK 1.42.2337370

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Download T3 Arena APK to enjoy unlimited money and gems to change weapons or characters. This game is a fun shooting game with nice graphics and unlimited money.

T3 Arena APK 1.42.2337370
Name T3 Arena
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 1.42.2337370
Size 1.16 Gb
Category Action
Developer XinDong Entertainment Pte Ltd
Price Free
Google Play Link com.xd.t3.global

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Description of T3 Arena APK

If you can relate to joining a task force or an army force, then you will have an idea of the concept of this game;  T3 Arena is an interesting 3v3 shooting game with nice graphics and intuitive controls. When you open the game, you will team up with your friends(join a force) to fight in the battle arena. The game is similar to most shooting games, only that it is a 3v3 game, and it is easy to play.

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As the player, you can show off your shooting skills with several weapons. T3 Arena will provide players with superhero powers to use while participating in the battle; T3 Arena APK is a modern game with intuitive control; therefore, you will enjoy playing the game.

While playing T3 Arena,  you will earn gems (T-crystal) and money, but these rewards are not easy to come by, and if you don't have enough money, you might forfeit your game and not be able to change weapons and characters. However, we developed a version that helps players enjoy these many features and enjoy unlimited rewards – T3 Arena APK.  The APK version has many features to guarantee players' enjoyment. This version has T3 Arena APK unlimited money and gems to help players change weapons, unlock characters, and many more. You can get the T3 Arena APK download on our website with no cost, and you will enjoy all features the game offers gamers.

XD Entertainments Pte LTD developed and published this game with over 1 million downloads and players worldwide. T3 Arena APK is easy to play that a three-year-old and above can play conveniently. In addition, it has nice gameplay, gameplay, and content that attracts players worldwide.

Game Plot 

T3 Arena APK is often called a fast-paced multiplayer game with a great story plot. The game environment is in between many planets in space. In this environment,  there is a rare gemstone ( T Crystal) that possesses energy, and anyone in possession of it has the ability to become the hegemon of the space ( take dominion of the space).

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The top leader of the galaxy didn't want to use tricks or wild attacks to give out the gemstone; therefore, he set up T3 Arena, where players around the world come together to fight, and anyone who wins gets the Crystal. This is simple and intriguing.

As the player, you can choose any character in the many options provided in the game. For instance, former soldiers, rock stars, alimes, mutant animals, etc. If your team fights well, you will get the T Crystal and top the game. Also, you have the chance to upgrade weapons and change your character's appearance. What are you waiting for? Download the T3 Arena APK latest version and enjoy this story plot.


T3 Arena APK has many game modes for players to choose from and enjoy, and each match lasts for about 5 minutes. You can invite friends worldwide to play with you for more fun. When you open the hair at first, you will transform into about 14 different characters, and each of these characters has at least a weapon and 2 special skills peculiar to them. As the player, you must explore their skills when you are aiming at a target.

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While playing, you will need to upgrade your characters with weapons and skills to help you top the game. This is super interesting and fun. The APK version has unlocked all characters so that you can choose anyone. We have provided the T3 Arena  APK free download below for everyone to enjoy the game better at no cost. Download now!!!

Features of T3 Arena APK

T3 Arena has many features that guarantee the player's enjoyment of the game, which goes thus;

Great User interface

T3 Arena has a simple user interface that is easy to use and navigate. A three-year-old can play this game conveniently. Join millions of players worldwide to enjoy this game.

Beautiful graphics contents

T3 Arena APK is an interesting shooting game with beautiful graphics. The weapons, character animation, controls, mix of colors, and many more have a perfect visual effect. The content even gives players more inspiration to play the game.

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Diverse Game Modes

This feature ensures that players do not get bored while playing the game. T3 Arena has over 6 game modes for players to enjoy, with over 15 competitive maps depending on your choice. Below are some game modes;

  • Team Deathmatch: In this 3v3 shooting game mode, you will team up with two other players, they could be your friend and fight against other teams, and anyone with over 20 eliminations wins the game.
  • Payload race: Each team has a block of goods, and the teams will compete for the finish line to know who wins.
  • Solo mode: In this mode, players choose to play alone with other players on the battlefield. You will have the  hence to select between 6 characters to play with, and if you get over 12 points, you will top the game

These game modes and many more are what you get to explore in the game.

Change characters

T3 Arena allows players to change characters and their appearance in the game, making them distinct.

Additional features

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  • Change weapons automatically
  • Interact with friends


T3 Arena APK is a fun shooting game to play for fun. Download T3 Arena  APK for Android and enjoy the story plot on your device.

Download T3 Arena [1.16 Gb]


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