Sweet Empire APK 1.6.0

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If you want to enjoy a bakery game, download Sweet Empire APK now! In this game, you’re able to live out your dream to start a bakery! Enjoy it now.

Sweet Empire APK 1.6.0
Name Sweet Empire
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.6.0
Size 128.88 Mb
Category Role Playing
Developer Coco Play By TabTale
Price Free
Google Play Link com.cocoplay.sweet.bakery

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Sweet Empire APK – Bakery Game

There are so many amazing games that you’re able to play right now. If you’re someone who loves to bake, you’re able to find many games under this category. The cooking category is loved by many worldwide as it's fun, quick, and enjoyable to play.

With so many amazing games under this one, you can safely download any game and enjoy it. But Sweet Empire is a different one from Coco Play By TabTale which you can enjoy now.

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In this game, you’ll play as Lizzie to help her achieve her dreams of running a successful bakery. Here, you’ll help cater to the demands of many customers as you bake all sorts of pastries, cakes, and more.

You’ll get a lot of orders each day, and you need to create exactly what they need so you can succeed! Here, you’ll learn how to bake with various recipes and equipment that can help you. Get to baking!

Bake and Earn

Many unique games will let you bake right now and enjoy. Cooking games have always been fun to play since they allow us to enjoy a good time. If you’re someone who loves to play cooking games, you can download many of them now.

There are various cooking games to enjoy, from running a fast-food restaurant to a bakery like Sweet Empire! Here, you’ll be able to help Lizzie make her dreams come true of becoming true baking professionally.

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In this game, Lizzie has just graduated from college, and she finally has a bakery! Now, it’s up to you to serve many customers with the correct orders as you bake pastries, cakes, and others.

There are many customers to serve with specific instructions to take note of. Here, you’ll learn how to create the best pastries and desserts with your own hands. Feel free to enjoy the best baking game ever today!

Here, you can build up your store and upgrade your equipment and store to serve more customers. Show off your baking skills now!

Sweet Empire Highlights

If you love baking, then you shouldn’t miss Sweet Empire today! Enjoy this fun game right now.

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Bake like crazy – You can enjoy so many types of games right now, which will let you have fun with cooking. You’re able to download so many cooking games and start cooking with all your skills right now.

With these games, you can create various food, from desserts to main courses and others. With your skills, you can turn any restaurant into a successful one today! Download Sweet Empire now and enjoy a baking game where you can bake as much as you want.

There’s no stopping you from helping Lizzie turn her goals into a reality here. You’re able to open a bakery here where you can start serving customers with cakes and all sorts of pastries.

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Here, you will need to cater to every demand of customers so you can grow your reputation. As you grow, you’ll have a chance to open more bakeries so you can earn more money! In this fun game, you can enjoy baking as much as you want, especially if it’s your passion.

Cater many customers – If you love baking, then Sweet Empire is the game for you. Here, you can easily bake as many cakes as you can as instructed by the customer. You’re able to enjoy a fun game where you can cater to many customers today with special orders.

You must take note of the ingredients, presentation, and the type of pastry that the customer wants. Only then can you serve the best food to your customer, so they leave with a smile on their faces!

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Enjoy many decorations and equipment – In Sweet Empire, you’re able to enjoy using various equipment as you bake and create pastries. There are all sorts of ingredients that you can use here and food that you can make. You can develop drinks, desserts, cakes, cupcakes and many more.

You must take note of the various equipment needed to make your dreams a reality! Enjoy opening new shops one after another and managing them all today!

Enjoyable 3D game – In Sweet Empire, you’re able to enjoy a 3D game where you can bake yourself. Here, you’ll be able to bake as many pastries as you can using your skills. You’ll personally cook, bake, and decorate everything in here.

Download Sweet Empire APK

If you think you have what it takes to be a successful baker, try Sweet Empire now and enjoy a 3D game.

Download Sweet Empire [128.88 Mb]


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