Starry Love APK 2.6.3

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Do you want to enjoy an Otome dating game? Download Starry Love now to enjoy dating! Meet with plenty of men now and choose the best outfits for your character.

Starry Love APK 2.6.3
Name Starry Love
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 2.6.3
Size 69.14 Mb
Category Role Playing
Developer Modo Global
Price Free
Google Play Link

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There are so many available dating simulation games that can feel your need for affection. Aside from that, you can enjoy these games so that you can date different types of men and women today. You’ll be entangled in the unique stories of these games as you can make excellent choices.

So, if you’re ready for yet another unique dating sim game, download Starry Love! This is an Otome dating sim that allows you to dress up.

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In this game, you’re an up-and-coming broadcaster at a famous broadcasting company. Here, you’ll meet all sorts of people, including men you can talk to and go on dates with. You can do so many things in StarTale City as you go on your journey of finding romance and satisfaction.

You can then enjoy plenty of things today, such as collecting elegant outfits like dresses, skirts, and makeup. You can make friends, follow the story, and make your choices!

Find Love in the City

Many fun dating simulation games can be enjoyed right now. If you’re feeling flirty and you’re looking for love, these games are the best ones to play. You can enjoy different storylines with unique characters in each dating simulation.

But the premise remains the same: you can talk with different people and choose the one you like. Moreover, you can enjoy unique challenges where you’ll need to make your own choices.

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Modo Global published this game, and it’s a simulation game unlike any other. This is more than just your regular dating simulation game in which the focus is only on dating. Dating is just a tiny part of this game since there are other things you can do!

For instance, you can dress up your character with numerous combinations of clothes. You can even enjoy putting on makeup and pick different styles to do.

You can also make friends with celebrities and regular people and enjoy meeting up with people! Go on dates and have a chat with them to see if they’re to your liking.

Starry Love Capabilities

There are so many things you can do in Starry Love that a day isn’t enough to enjoy it! Here are the fun things you can do:

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Enjoy StarTale City – There are so many fun activities you can do in the city right now. You can go on dates, eat outside, go on trips, meet new people, shop for clothes, go for a ride, and more.

But if you’re someone who loves to do a lot of things and date at the same time, you’ll need a complete dating simulation game! Starry Love is one of the unique dating simulation games that you can find these days.

What makes Starry Love unique is that it’s not solely a dating simulation game but also has many other things. Here, you can enjoy many things that you can’t normally do in regular dating simulation games.

Here, you’re able to have fun collecting different clothes for different occasions. Use clothes like skirts, dresses, pants, and many more and mix and match them today. You can also date other people here!

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Date with many men – There are so many fun dating games available right now that you can enjoy. Yet, most of them focus too much on dating that they neglect other things. If you’re looking for a game that offers dating plus other things, then Starry Love is the game to go.

Although dating is just not the only focus of this game, it presents a pleasurable experience. Here, you can meet many interesting men where you can go on dates! You can also chat with them and ask for a meet-up.

Customized outfits – As a stylish girl, you’ll be able to change your outfit here using different items. These include your hair, socks, shoes, top, and bottom.

You can unlock many clothes in the shop today as you try to create a stylish outfit. Feel free to unlock many clothing items as you want as long as you have the money for them.

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Enjoy broadcasting – As a live streaming rookie, you’ll need to do your job correctly! You’ll need to be able to go on-screen on your best clothes and attitude regularly.

You can then send your appreciation messages and gifts to your fans. The fans can also give gifts, chat with you, and you can also interact with them! Perform different things as well so you can entertain your fans.

Download Starry Love APK

Get Starry Love now and have fun dating, collecting clothes, broadcasting, and more. Enjoy life as a young girl today!

Download Starry Love [69.14 Mb]


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