Surgeon Simulator APK 1.5

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Have you ever wanted to become a surgeon? Try Surgeon Simulator APK and take on many challenges! Here, you’ll use many tools to get the job done! Can you do it?

Surgeon Simulator APK 1.5
Name Surgeon Simulator
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.5
Size 237 MB
Category Simulation
Developer Bossa Studios
Price Free

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Download Surgeon Simulator APK – Become a doctor

If you’re someone who enjoys playing all types of games, there are so many amazing and unique ones today. There are a lot of genres available now, but simulation seems to be one of the most popular.

With this genre, you can have fun with the craziest topics that aren’t tackled by other games. So, if you want to try something new, download the Surgeon Simulator now.

surgeon simulator apk

In this game, you’ll be able to take on the role of a surgeon as you do many operations on various people today. There are so many amazing things you can do here, such as removing the organs, implanting organs, and many more.

You’ll use various tools to get the job done, such as scissors, forceps, clamps, a Crile hemostat, and many more. You’ll need to get the job done and do operations on many people as you need to get it done before the person runs out of blood!

Operate as a Doctor

There are so many doctors around the world that are healing the sick. Their job calls them to tend to the sick people and provide diagnoses, recommend medicines, and more. But not just anyone can become a doctor since it requires years of learning and training.

Even if you become a doctor, you can still make mistakes as we’re only human. But one of the most demanding specialties that a doctor can take is being a surgeon. This is a job for those that have the skills and the courage to operate.

surgeon simulator apk download

If you’ve ever wanted to become a surgeon yourself, then Surgeon Simulator is a fun game to try. This is only a simulator, so you shouldn’t take it too seriously, but it does excellently simulate operations.

Here, you’ll be asked to operate on various people as there are varying degrees of difficulty. Depending on the patient, you may be asked to remove specific organs, replace them, and more. But it would help if you were careful not to mess up the patient, or else it would fail.

Can you take on this daunting task?

Surgeon Simulator Features

If you’re prepared to become a surgeon, try Surgeon Simulator now and enjoy a game that will challenge your skills.

Become a surgeon – There are so many hospital-oriented mobile games that are available that you can play. These games ask you to become a doctor or operate on a patient and do many things.

If you love playing these games, then you have the heart for something more daring. Surgeon Simulator is a fun simulator game that takes things to the next level! Here, you’ll play the role of a surgeon, and you’ll need to do various operations.

surgeon simulator apk free download

Just what kind of operation is waiting for you in this game? Each level presents a variety of tasks for you to do, and you’ll need to do your best to complete them. You may be asked to do a heart transplant or any other things, but the bottom line is you should complete the operation.

To do this, you can use various tools like scalpels, forceps, scissors, clamps, needles, retractors, suction, staplers, hammer, and many more. The game provides realistic graphics for the best playing experience ever!

Do many operations – There are plenty of people that need surgeries every day in the real world. In Surgeon Simulator, you’ll also face many challenges as you’ll try to operate on many patients.

There are different things to do on each patient, and you must work carefully for the operation to be successful. A basic understanding of human anatomy would be great but not needed. Most of all, you’ll need to complete the operation before moving to the next one successfully!

Use various tools – In Surgeon Simulator, you’ll be able to use many tools that doctors commonly use in surgeries. These can include staplers and clips, retractors, suction, needles and suture, forceps, clamps, scissors, scalpels, and many more.

surgeon simulator apk mod

These tools do certain things, so you must only use the appropriate one to get the job done! But it’s fun to experiment once in a while to see what would happen when you use the wrong tool!

Realistic graphics - Surgeon Simulator is not for the faint-hearted. The graphics are so realistic that a slight mishap will cause the blood to lose to plummet. Nonetheless, the game is enjoyable, and it’s something you can play any time of the day!

Download Surgeon Simulator APK – latest version

If you enjoy simulation games, try Surgeon Simulator and become a surgeon that operates on patients!

Download Surgeon Simulator [237 MB]


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