Stray APK 1.0

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Have you always wondered what it’s like to be a cat? In Stray APK, you’ll explore a cybercity world danger lurks. Solve puzzles, explore and enjoy now.

Stray APK 1.0
Name Stray
Compatible with Android 5+
Last version 1.0
Size 81 MB
Category Role Playing
Developer Stray
Price Free

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Download Stray APK – Cat Action Game

Cats are domesticated animals that are popular around the world. They don’t care about anyone other than their personal interests. Naturally, a lot of people wonder how these cats live.

This is the reason why Stray was made which is a new action simulation game. It’s one where you’ll play as a stray cat in a city full of advanced technologies.

The game lets players immerse themselves in a 3D experience as a cat. The photorealistic graphics and controls are out of this world. Every single movement was perfected to give users the best cat experience.

stray cat apk

But the goal of the game is to solve puzzles, communicate with other cats and get out of the city. But there are dangerous insects that are trying to kill everything in its path. Use a lot of items that you can find everywhere!

What Exactly is Stray?

Cats are the second most popular pets in the world aside from dogs. These animals are independent, yet they demand affection from their owners as well.

But their way of living and behavior is different from dogs which is why people are curious about them. Stray was created to give players the chance to explore a cybercity as a cat. This is one of the most unique games in existence today.

You may be a cat, but you have a lot of abilities here just like cats would in the real world. There are goals to complete with the biggest one to exit the city.

stray apk android

There are countless puzzles to solve and many more cats to communicate with. Overall, this is such a unique game that will challenge everything you know about cats.

How to Play Stray

Playing the game is straightforward as it’s a simulation 3D action game. You play as a cat, and you’ll get a third person POV of the cat. You’re free to walk and run around in any direction. 

You can also collect coins and resources using different buttons easily. There’s also a button for jumping in the game. The great thing about the game is that it doesn’t let you stray too far from what cats can naturally do.

In a sense, this is how the game retains its sense of realism. There are numerous challenges for instance the different obstacles and steep floors and walls.

The game will also challenge you with drones and insects as enemies that will eat away at you.

What Can You Do with Stray?

There are a lot of things you can do in the game Stray. Here’s a detailed guide on the highlights.

Play as a cat – The biggest feature and highlight of the game is the main character. The player will be playing the role of a stray cat who must weave through countless obstacles to get out of the cybercity. There are numerous hurdles in the way but that can all be solved with your abilities.

stray apk download

Explore the city – Stray is an impressive 3D game where there are missions to complete. Part of the journey is to explore different areas in search of the exit.

The game boasts a cybercity full of advanced tech like drones, robots and different lifeless items. There are different areas to explore from the sewers to the ruined buildings and many houses. 

Complete missions – The goal of the game is to help the lonely cat traverse through the city and exit. But the city is unforgiving as there are many dangers that lie ahead.

Your goal is to solve puzzles, mysteries and uncover the secrets in the city. The story is tied to the missions so you can complete them and move on to the next area.

Meet different characters – The main character is a stray yellow cat that looks like an ordinary one. Aside from the cat, you’ll meet different cats and animals that you can communicate with. The game will let you communicate with different animals as part of your journey.

Enjoy the view – Even if you don’t do the missions in the game, it’s a fun one that you can play. You can just explore through the neon city and enjoy the view.

Plus, there are cinematic scenes that explains the story and makes it look like a movie. This alone makes this game such a splendid experience.

stray cat apk download

Collect items and weapons – In this game, you can collect coins, items and weapons to use against the robot insects. Although it doesn’t feature a traditional game style, it lets players use and interact with different elements in the game.

The biggest thing is to turn different areas into a way to get into the city. For instance, you can walk and jump through pipelines like a real cat would.

Download Stray APK – latest version

Playing as a cat has never been more fun with Stray. Explore the city and meet other cats!

Download Stray [81 MB]


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