Solo VPN Mod APK 1.5.5 (Premium Unlocked)

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The internet is used by billions of people right now. So, if you don’t want your data to fall into the wrong hands, get online protection now using Solo Mod VPN!

Solo VPN Mod APK 1.5.5 (Premium Unlocked)
Name Solo VPN
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 1.5.5
Size 9.32 Mb
Category Productivity
Developer SoloVPN & NCleaner & Radio
Price Free
Google Play Link co.solovpn

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There are plenty of people who use the internet for various purposes today. We don’t even have an estimate as to how many people use it anymore since there are so many. But that’s not the important thing because the internet is also home to many people that are trying to steal your data. If you don’t want to fall prey to these people, get Solo VPN today. This app protects your data today by allowing you to connect to a proxy server!

solo vpn mod apk

This app was published by SoloVPN & NCleaner & Radio and it offers the largest VPN coverage today. It offers servers in 30 countries including Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea, Brazil, China, Spain and many more. This means you can connect to any of these servers today and it will show as if you’re currently in that particular country. Then, you can also increase the availability to easily unblock blocked sites using the app. There’s no need to sign up or register in the app to use it.

The Ultimate Defense

There are quite a lot of people today that are using the internet thanks to its many benefits. It can be used for work, for research, for business and even just for browsing to satiate your curiosity. The majority of people today are just using it for various social media websites and platforms. Because of this, they have no idea that they are extremely vulnerable to attackers trying to steal data. So, if you value your privacy, download Solo VPN today!

solo vpn mod apk download latest version

What this app can do is to become your ultimate defense against threats to your online privacy. As you connect to the internet today, you’re leaving your IP address wide open. This entices many attackers to easily get your data and sell them to companies or even just steal other things from you. This is why Solo VPN is the perfect app to protect yourself and your family since it can hide your public IP address easily.

Aside from that, the coverage Solo VPN offers is out of this world as it offers many servers for you to choose from!

Solo VPN Mod APK Features

Before you create an account in other VPN apps, read first about Solo VPN! Here are the features that makes it one of the best today.

solo vpn mod apk

Defend Your Data – The internet is a vast place that you can use today whenever you want. The internet has given us so many opportunities and ways to express ourselves, make money and to enjoy our time here. But if you’re not careful, you can fall prey to many attackers that are trying to take advantage of the unaware. If you don’t want that to happen, then you need to get Solo VPN now! This is an app that can encrypt the data and protect your privacy.

Here, you can connect to a variety of servers without any limits today. There are many available ones in 30 countries such as Japan, Finland, France, Brazil, Spain, United States, South Korea and many more. Moreover, you can select to connect automatically to the fastest network so you don’t have to do it manually. With this app, you can also enjoy a one-tap connection today.

download solo vpn for android

Free and Unlimited Protection – There are so many VPN apps available today and most of them are offering a free and unlimited coverage. But you’ll quickly find out that they’re either riddled with ads or are letting you pay for premium. But with Solo VPN, you can enjoy an unlimited coverage for as long as you want. You can just use this app everyday when you’re browsing the internet to be protected from any threats. There are also no hidden charges in here.

Largest VPN Coverage – This app provides the largest coverage thanks to the many servers it has on various countries today. Here, you can connect in countries such as the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, United Arab Emirates, China, Span, France, Finland, Brazil and many more! You can also select to connect automatically to the best network if you wish to. Now, you can easily connect with just one tap!

solo vpn apk

No Registration needed – There’s also no need to register in here. You don’t even have to create an account! You just need to download the app and you can be protected instantly. Now, there’s literally no excuse not to be protected here as there are no hidden charges and annoying registration processes involved here.

Bypass firewalls and websites – If you’re annoyed by the fact that some websites are restricted in your country, you can bypass that using the app. Here, you can also bypass firewalls set by your school or workplace!

Download Solo VPN Mod APK – Latest version

There’s no need to pay for VPN apps today with Solo VPN! Enjoy total coverage with plenty of servers now.

Download Solo VPN [9.32 Mb]
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