Smart Youtube TV APK 6.17.739

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Do you want to enjoy YouTube for your smart TV? Download Smart YouTube TV APK new version now. This app has been optimized for TVs so you can enjoy watching.

Smart Youtube TV APK 6.17.739
Name Smart Youtube TV
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 6.17.739
Size 7 MB
Category Entertainment
Developer License
Price Free

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Smart YouTube TV APK – YouTube for TV

There are so many available and fun apps that we can download on our phones today. We're free to do so since they were made available by developers for various devices.

We can download various apps whenever we want, like YouTube, a platform for video-sharing. This app is famous worldwide, and content creators, influencers, and watchers use it. But if you want a YouTube app for your TV, download Smart YouTube TV now!

smart youtube tv apk old version download

If you'll notice, there isn't a YouTube app dedicated to smart TVs other than the website. You can download this app that has been optimized for Smart TVs, which have larger screens.

With this app, you can enjoy plenty of features like the smart user interface, like in the app's mobile version. Then, you can enjoy 4k video resolutions, so you'll have the utmost quality when watching. There are a lot of other features here as well.

The Best YouTube App for TV

We all download a lot of apps on our phones. There are many free apps today that we're free to enjoy whenever we want as there are games, navigational apps, eBooks, and more.

If you enjoy downloading apps, you might have downloaded many of them today, including social media apps. These are the most popular apps today as there are billions of users worldwide.

The most popular apps are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and more. These apps connect everyone with anyone worldwide to upload posts, photos, videos, and others.

smart youtube tv apk 2021

These apps feature a lot of things that most people find helpful today, whether for work or personal purposes. If you enjoy using these apps, you might have all of these on your phone. But have you ever noticed that not many mobile apps could work on Smart TVs?

A lot of apps are optimized for most mobile devices but not for Smart TVs. This is why you can download Smart YouTube TV today! This is a free app that's been optimized for Smart TV use today. With this app, you can enjoy a smooth browsing and viewing experience without any glitches.

This is because the UI was designed to be viewed on larger screens. Plus, you can enjoy up to 4k video resolutions, so you don't have to suffer watching. All of this, plus the regular features of the app, is embedded here.

Smart YouTube TV Highlights

There are so many amazing things you can do with YouTube. Now, you can enjoy it with your TV with Smart YouTube TV!

smart youtube tv apk free download

Dedicated app for TVs – There are so many amazing apps today that we're free to enjoy for our mobile devices. These apps were created for our enjoyment and use, whether for work or personal purposes.

We've been seeing a lot of social media apps as they're one of the most downloaded apps today. You'll see these apps on almost everyone's phones as a lot of us enjoy them. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok are being enjoyed worldwide today.

But if you noticed, there aren't any YouTube app to enjoy for TVs. With Smart YouTube TV, you can enjoy a fully optimized app dedicated to smart TVs. With this app, you can enjoy the UI design that's been optimized to work with larger screens than phones.

With this, you're able to freely search, watch and do other cool things you can't normally do. This app contains plenty of the features you'll find in the mobile version! Have fun watching now and downloading this app.

smart youtube tv apk old version

4K Support – Isn't it annoying that our TVs are in 4k or even 8k, but we can't watch videos in those resolutions? This happens when you're just using the browser version of YouTube.

But with this app, you can enjoy high-quality videos today as the app supports 4k. You can also choose what video resolution you want to watch, such as 1080p, 720p and lower. With this, you'll see every detail of any video as you enjoy them on the more giant screens.

All the YouTube features available – This app isn't different from the normal one you use on mobile.

Thus, you can enjoy all the features it offers, such as the multilingual search, categories, keyboard, and many more. You're able to enjoy the same old YouTube that you've been using!

Optimized UI – This app was designed for TVs, so the UI is similar to mobile but with much larger icons and videos.

smart youtube tv apk download

This app was optimized so you can enjoy watching on a bigger screen, such as a TV. Now, you can freely browse just like you would any other app and enjoy.

Works without Google Services – The great thing about Smart YouTube TV is that you don't need Google Services for this to work.

The developers have thought about this beforehand, and this is convenient! We don't need extra steps to use the app today!

YouTube Kids – The app also has a dedicated section for kids' videos, just like in the mobile version! With this, you can let your child watch on the big screen easily.

Download Smart YouTube TV APK – Latest version

If you're someone who always uses YouTube on TV, why not download Smart YouTube TV to enjoy an optimized version today?

Is Smart YouTube TV Free? +

Sí, es 100% gratuita. Los desarrolladores han creado la app para que los usuarios con Smart TV puedan disfrutar de ella.

How do I use Smart YouTube TV? +

Después de descargarla, puedes utilizarla como lo harías en la versión móvil de la app. Puedes abrirla libremente, buscar tus videos e incluso iniciar sesión en tu cuenta.

How do I download the YouTube app on my smart TV? +

On this page, you're able to download the app. But before that, head on to the settings tab of your TV and enable installation from unknown devices.

Download Smart Youtube TV [7 MB]


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