Silly Royale APK 1.25.02

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If you want to enjoy a fun multiplayer game, try Silly Royale APK. Have fun with game modes like Jailbreak, Hide and Seek, Murder Mystery, and more.

Silly Royale APK 1.25.02
Name Silly Royale
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.25.02
Size 103.85 Mb
Category Action
Developer SuperGaming
Price Free
Google Play Link com.junegaming.devilparty

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Download Silly Royale APK – Fun Multiplayer Game

There are a lot of amazing games available that we can play right now. If you’re someone who loves playing multiplayer games, you can find many available ones right now.

These games allow players to have fun as they enjoy playing with others in various genres. You can find many multiplayer games on different topics right now, but in Silly Royale, you’ll enjoy many game modes! This is like a battle royale but with a twist.

There are a lot of popular multiplayer games right now. But if you’re looking for a fun new multiplayer game to enjoy, try Silly Royale now! This multiplayer game takes things to a whole new level as it features many childhood games.

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Here, you’ll enjoy playing the Jail Break where robbers need to escape from the cops and vice versa. You’ll also play Murder Mystery which is like Among Us and Hide N Seek. You can play each mode with 12 players!

Fun Childhood Games

If you love playing different games, then there are many multiplayer games that you can enjoy. Many games today feature different topics that we can enjoy anytime we want.

If you’re someone who loves to play unique games, then you’ll find many of them right now. There are all sorts of games that will test you and let you play with random people. Multiplayer games like Silly Royale are highly unique and enjoyable today. In this game, you can play many multiplayer modes.

We’ve seen many multiplayer games rise to fame, such as Fortnite, PUBG, Among Us, and many more. But in Silly Royale, you’ll enjoy all these games combined for a spectacular time!

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Here, you can play in 3 distinct game modes that bring back your childhood games and provide new twists. In each match, 12 players can enter and enjoy. Here, you can play modes like Murder Mystery, Hide N Seek, Jail Break, and even Squid Royale Games.

What’s more appealing here is that you can customize your character with different skins and hats!

Silly Royale Capabilities

If you’re someone who loves playing with different multiplayer games, then you can download Silly Royale now.

Fun multiplayer game – There are so many multiplayer games available right now to play. We love playing these games because they allow us to play with friends and different types of people online.

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Thanks to the power of the internet, we can play games with others easily nowadays. We can freely enjoy many games in various genres if they’re multiplayer. But if you’re looking for a fun and unique one, try Silly Royale! This game packs a lot of childhood games that you can enjoy.

Here, you’ll be able to play an abundance of multiplayer modes today. Up to 12 players can play each match so you can have fun. There’s the Murder Mystery which is like Among Us as there’s a Devil and the Sillies.

Then, the Jail Break is essentially just Cops and Robbers. You can also enjoy the classic childhood game Hide N Seek here. There are also games like Squid Royale, Maze Race, and many more. There are many features of this game that you’ll like!

Game modes – If you love playing various games, you’ll probably enjoy this one. Here, you can play a lot of modes inside just one game! The first one is Jail Break, where the robbers would need to escape the prison without getting caught by the cops.

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Try this game mode now if you want to enjoy a fun time with friends. Then, there’s the Murder Mystery where you can be an innocent Silly or the Devil! Escape the mansion now as the Silly or murder everyone as the Devil. Then, there’s the Hide N Seek, a classic childhood game.

Customize character – What’s great about Silly Royale is that you can freely customize your character! There are tons of skins and hats that you can enjoy in this game.

Collect them today to become a unique character in each mode that you play in. There’s also the Maze race, where you’ll need to get out of the maze as fast as you can. You can also enjoy other features!

Voice chat and Spectate – In Silly Royale, you can enjoy the voice chat feature, especially in the Murder Mystery game. You’ll be able to talk with other players or your friends and vote the Devil off! There’s also the ability to spectate the game even while waiting.

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Download Silly Royale APK – Latest version

There are a lot of fun game modes to try today in Silly Royale! Play with 12 people in each match now.

Download Silly Royale [103.85 Mb]


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