Shop Heroes APK 1.5.91000

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If you want to enjoy a game about medieval shops, then Shop Heroes APK now. Enjoy creating your shop, crafting items and weapons, and many more.

Shop Heroes APK 1.5.91000
Name Shop Heroes
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.5.91000
Size 67M
Category Simulation
Developer Cloudcade, Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link com.cloudcade.shopheroes

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Shop Heroes APK – Medieval Fantasy Tycoon

If you want to enjoy an RPG game, there are so many available ones to download now. You’re free to play different types of RPG games available on the market right now to download.

There are so many different ones that will let you test your strength, skills, and fighting abilities. RPG games are popular since they allow you to create various things and complete other quests. Shop Heroes is a fun new simulation RPG game to try.

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This game lets you become a medieval fantasy tycoon as you establish your blacksmith shop. Here, you’re able to build your shop as you’re in charge of the interior design of your shop.

Then, you can craft different items and weapons to sell to players and even adventurers. You can also learn skills that will let you unlock new weapons and armors that you can craft and use. You can also trade your items with others to build wealth here.

Medieval Shop Tycoon

You’re able to enjoy different types of simulation games available today. The most popular ones include the RPG simulation games that let you have fun with other aspects. These days, there are a lot of hybrid games that combine different genres into one enjoyable game.

shop heroes mod apk

Combine an online aspect to the RPG simulation genres, and you’ll get Shop Heroes! This is a game that lets you become a medieval fantasy tycoon today. Here, you’re able to establish your blacksmith, and you can go on adventures.

This game from Cloudcade lets you enjoy becoming the ultimate medieval fantasy tycoon. You’ll do this by creating your shop to craft different weapons, items, and armors for adventurers and players.

Here, you’re able to fuse items as well to get a more powerful one quickly. In this game, you can craft, advance through tech trees, and many more. You can also trade your items to other players so you can earn money.

shop heroes mod apk latest version

You can also recruit different warriors to go on many adventures and get loot. You can also battle against other players here using the characters that you’ve worked hard on.

Highlights of Shop Heroes

If you enjoy playing RPG simulation games, then Shop Heroes is the perfect one for you.

RPG Simulation – You’re free to download any game that you want to play now. Whether it’s a simulation or a racing game, there are tons of games available for you to try.

shop heroes mod apk free download

But if you’re someone who enjoys a different type of game, such as an RPG simulation one, then you’ll also be able to find many of them now. One of the most enjoyable of these games is Shop Heroes. Here, you can create the ultimate blacksmith shop!

In this game, you’re able to create your fantasy empire as you start with your shop. Here, you can craft different powerful items like knives, walking sticks, shortswords, clubs, and various weapons. There are also other armors and things that you can prepare here to sell to adventurers and even players.

Here, you’re able to customize and decorate your shop however you want to. Enjoy earning money as you craft, sell and trade your items to others here. Then, you can hire warriors to go on adventures.

Create your blacksmith – The most prominent feature of Shop Heroes is that it allows you to create your blacksmith. Here, you can craft items, weapons, armor, and many more!

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You’re able to craft different items at a time as you can make money from selling them to adventurers. Here, you can expand your shop, decorate it and enjoy a fun game today! You’re able to invest a lot of money to make your shop more incredible and attractive.

Trade and fuse – In this game, you can trade the items you crafted to other players to earn money.

You can also fuse different items to make powerful ones. This game lets you create rare and unique equipment that you can sell right now for money.

Recruit heroes and go on adventures – Here, you’re able to recruit different heroes so you can go on adventures.

shop heroes trade tycoon mod apk

You can make a hero suit up so they can complete quests today. Earning loot is only possible through countless adventures in this game.

PVP combat – The game also allows you to battle real players worldwide in amazing fights. You can freely enjoy fierce combats together and even raid different dungeons together.

Trade wars and Raid – In this game, you can enjoy the Trade Wars where you can trade and enjoy the earnings.

Download Shop Heroes APK – Unlimited diamond

If you want to create your blacksmith, download Shop Heroes now and become a fantasy tycoon.

Download Shop Heroes [67M]


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