Random Dice: PvP Defense APK 8.9.1

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Download Random Dice: PvP Defense APK – latest version – free for Android and experience a unique tower defense game using dice! Do you have the smarts to outwit your opponent?

Random Dice: PvP Defense APK 8.9.1
Name Random Dice: PvP Defense
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 8.9.1
Size 744.09 Mb
Category Strategy
Developer 111%
Price Free
Google Play Link com.percent.royaldice

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Tower defense games have always been a very popular genre. Ever since games have come to existence, they created beautiful tower games as well. Everybody enjoys them since people love to use their brains once in a while playing games. That’s the power of these tower games, they make you think while entertaining you!


However, a lot of games have already been published in this genre so much so that publishing another one would be redundant. That’s why developers are always looking for new ways to re-introduce this old genre. Random Dice by 111% is a PvP tower defense game that utilizes dice! Throw out everything you know about tower defense game because this one comes with a whole new concept! Read on to know more!

What is Random Dice?

When you think about it, dice are an integral part of our gambling games. They often give us a suitable reason to play. They are the ones that make every game fair as long as all the other conditions are met. So, it makes sense to include them in a PvP tower defense game.

Random Dice currently has more than 1 million downloads on Google Play alone! That’s how much people love this strategy game with a unique twist. In here, each game lasts only for 2 minutes. The game starts by players pressing the dice to buy it. Then, you’ll receive a random dice piece that you can use to defend your side. The goal is simple – you need to attack while defending. You’ll get SP as you attack and you can use these to buy dice.


Aside from that, you can also upgrade or merge your troops to allow them to power up. Think of this game as a combination of every card game plus tower defense. Sure, it may come as confusing at first but it becomes entertaining as you get the hang of it. That’s why there are a million ways to win in this game! There are a bunch of different variations so you can do all you can to win. Read on to know more about what this game can offer.

Random Dice Features

This tower defense game may not have some fancy graphics or cool characters to boast, but they definitely have a lot of features under their belt. This isn’t your typical strategy game; this one will challenge you to your limits! Behold and know the features of this game:

Upgrade – The key to win more games in Random Dice is to constantly upgrade your dice. In addition to buying new dice, you can strengthen your existing ones to maximize their full potential. There are 5 types of dice in this game and you can differentiate them by color. You can upgrade your dice based on their corresponding type. This will allow you to increase the damage that your dice will deal to the enemy! But of course, you need money in order to do so. You can earn those when you win matches! In the beginning, you should buy new dices. You can’t just sit still while your enemy rushes your base. As time goes on, this will be your time to upgrade your existing dice so you can fortify your defense.


Merge – In Random Dice, you also have the option to merge the dice pieces with one another. You can merge two pieces with the same color or the same number of dots to form a single stronger dice. When merging, the color of the new dice will change randomly. In each screen, you’re only allowed a maximum of 12 dice pieces at a time. So, merging them will allow you to increase your army’s power while allowing you to have more space for new dice. This is the strategy to adopt if you want to win matches.

Different game modes – There are 2 main modes in Random Dice: PvP and Alliance. In PvP, you will fight against another player online. You can play with your friends and family or you can fight against random players worldwide. The player who effectively stops the enemy’s attack will win. There are many rewards waiting for the victor including legendary dice, rare dice, gems and many other awesome items! As for the Alliance mode, you will team up with another player to fight a single enemy. The more waves of enemy you can survive, the greater the reward will be. This is a great mode to rack up some money and to practice your tower defense skills.


Powerful dice – In this game, there are 5 types of dice each with different colors. You need to upgrade them to allow them to become stronger. Your goal in this game is to defeat your opponent using your dice so be sure to get acquainted to them fast.

Cool simple effects – In Random Dice, as you defend your base from the powerful dice of the opponent, you’ll enjoy the cool effects. This is no different than any other tower defense game except that his doesn’t include the typical cool characters. But this system definitely makes it easy to see if the strengths of each of your dice. This makes gameplay extremely interesting and enjoyable.

Unique gameplay – Even though this is tower defense game, nothing comes close to the uniqueness that Random Dice can offer. This game truly gives players a new type of game to enjoy because of the presence of dice. There are definitely a lot of new ways to win in this game and you can also use emote to show your emotions in this game! Think of this game as the new Clash Royale except – even better.


Nice sounds – The sound effects of Random Dice are suitable to the unique gameplay. You can hear every bullet that your dice shoots and it sounds satisfying when you eliminate the enemy dice. This is what make this game interesting even more!

Download Random Dice: PvP Defense APK – Latest version

Download Random Dice: PvP Defense [744.09 Mb]


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