Psychic Dust APK 1.5.2

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Love Minecraft and Roblox? Download Psychic Dust today and enjoy creating your world! You can enjoy plenty of various elements that you can play in today.

Psychic Dust APK 1.5.2
Name Psychic Dust
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.5.2
Size 85.55 Mb
Category Casual
Developer Wonder Game Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

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If you see the games on the market today, a lot of them are DIY and sandbox games. These ones have become popular over the past years thanks to the success of Minecraft, Fortnite and Roblox. With these games, you can create a ton of things you want and play other games created by players. But if you’re looking for something a little bit different, download Psychic Dust and experience a vertical sandbox game! Here, you can enjoy pretty much anything which is perfect for kids.

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You can create art portraits, explore human origins, create your world, and many more. Basically, this is like Minecraft but you can enjoy more elements and you’re not bound by anything. It doesn’t restrict you from doing certain things and you don’t even have to complete anything. You can just enjoy various elements that you can play with such as food, lava, bomb, acid, powder, fuse, metal, people and many more. Feel free to experiment and enjoy your creations today!

Create and Enjoy

There are many games today which allows us to enjoy a world where we’re in charge. These games are sandbox games and they allow us to create pretty much anything without the dangers of doing it in real life. As kids, we’re naturally drawn to the unknown so we tend to play with things even if they’re dangerous. So, what if there’s a game that allows you to play as much as you want with all the things you want! In Psychic Dust, you can create a random world that you want and see what happens.

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There’s really no goal in this game apart from the fact that you can enjoy just about anything here! If you’re a kid, you’ll love this game because it gives you freedom to do anything you want and watch as the elements react to one another. In here, you can play with tons of elements such as humans, food, water, sand, metal, rock, oil, acid, bomb, cloud, and many more. There are different elements for just about anything you want.

Create a story or paint a picture! There are so many things you can experiment and play with in this game.

Capabilities of Psychic Dust

Sometimes, we just want to play something extremely random. With Psychic Dust, you don’t need to worry about missions! Just do what you want!

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A Fun Random Game – When was the last time you played a game that didn’t ask you to do anything? Nowadays, most games have quests and missions for players to complete in order to move on. These isn’t necessarily bad but what if you just want to play and relax? In this case, the best kinds of games to play are simulation and sandbox games. Psychic Dust is one of the best ones created by Wonder Game.

This game is similar to Minecraft in terms of graphics and play style. However, you’ll enjoy this one with your phone in vertical mode so it has a more unique feel to it. Here, you can do and experiment with just about anything as if you’re a kid. Access plenty of elements today such as people, bombs, lava, burger, cloud, acid, fire, eraser, and many more. You can create a story and watch as the elements clash together for your enjoyment!

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Access many elements – When we were kids, we thought of the world as one giant playground. There are so many things that can be played and we’re naturally curious about a lot of things. In this game, you can play with your imaginations again but this time, you can enjoy the visual representation of it. Here, you can access a lot of elements at once that you can mix and match in the screen.

There are elements like cloud, lava, people, fire, water, bomb, wall, powder, metal, sand, acid, rock, oil, and many types of food! There are just about every type of element available here which will be good for a random story.

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Watch the elements interact with each other – Here, every element is unique and has its own characteristics similar to how it is in real life. As such, you can enjoy seeing these elements interact with each other as you try to create a random story. You can watch something explode or you can create something dire.

2 Modes – You can enjoy 2 game modes in Psychic Dust. The first one is the DIY mode where you’re free to do anything you want. Here, you can place any element you want and watch them interact with each other. Then, there’s also the Story mode where you can enjoy the zombie magic evolution story book.

Download Psychic Dust APK – Latest version

If you enjoy experimenting with different things, download Psychic Dust now! Enjoy a sandbox game today.

Download Psychic Dust [85.55 Mb]


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