Phone Cleaner APK 1.3.31

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If you’re someone who uses your Android phone a lot, you can download Phone Cleaner APK. You can optimize your memory, CPU and save battery here.

Phone Cleaner APK 1.3.31
Name Phone Cleaner
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.3.31
Size 21.79 Mb
Category Tools
Developer Super Cleaner Studio
Price Free
Google Play Link

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Download Phone Cleaner APK – Android Booster

There are so many wonderful things we can do today with our phones. Thanks to these technological devices, we’re able to download many apps that can do a ton of things for free.

We’re not only able to play games, but we can also download social media and use a variety of other apps. But if you’re using your phone a lot, then you’ll need Phone Cleaner which lets you clean and optimize it.

phone cleaner apk free download

There are a ton of interesting apps for you to use today but thanks to this one, you can do a lot of things. With this app, you can clean all the junk files in your phone like the system cache, app cache, obsolete apps, log files and more.

The app also has a memory booster that optimizes your phone’s memory by shutting down the background apps. The app is also capable of cooling down your CPU after you’ve used it heavily. This is the best app to use right now.

Optimize Your Phone

We can enjoy using various apps today using our smartphones as they’re advanced. There are a ton of free apps available from the Google Play Store that we can download now.

But if you’re using your phone a lot, then it would be obvious that you’re going to get a lot of trash files. There are a lot of things you can do to optimize your phone but why do it manually? You can just use an app built just for the called Phone Cleaner.

phone cleaner apk

If you’ve had your phone for a while, you might notice it starts to get sluggish. This is because overtime, your phone will get clogged with many files that aren’t being deleted, background apps that are on all the time and more.

With Phone Cleaner, you can solve all your problems in one go as you can clean the junk files, optimize your memory, and even cool your CPU. This app even has a battery saver that will kill apps draining your battery quickly.

This app will do all of this automatically with just a click. Now, you don’t have to do them manually.

Phone Cleaner Highlights

If you want to optimize your phone, then you can download Phone Cleaner now and enjoy a lot of features.

Optimize your phone – There are a lot of people who own various smartphones today which can do a lot of things. But if you’re someone who loves doing different things, then there are many apps for you to use.

There are all sorts of incredible apps available for you to use right now in many genres. There are games, social media apps, entertainment, and many more. But with Phone Cleaner, you can easily optimize your phone and do a lot of things with it.

phone cleaner apk download

Thanks to this app, you’re able to accomplish many things that will greatly improve your phone. The app was designed for various users so they can optimize their phones now.

With this app, you can easily clean your phone with some hidden junk files like logs, app cache, system cache and more. With this app, you’re able to easily cool your CPU so you can keep playing anytime you want. The app also lets you save your battery by killing apps that are running in the background.

Clean junk – With Phone Cleaner, you’re able to easily clean junk that resides in your phone. After buying your phone, you’ll be surprised that it will suddenly run sluggishly. This is because your phone will accumulate many junk files over time as you use it more.

phone cleaner apk mod

Thus, Phone Cleaner is useful as it can easily clean all the junk files that are stored in your app. Now, you don’t need to do it manually which will take ages. If you value your time, then this app should be your priority. The best part is that it’s free!

CPU Cooler – Thanks to Phone Cleaner, you’re able to enjoy a feature that can cool your CPU as well. This app has a CPU cooler which will enable you to continue playing games anytime you want.

We all know that our phone’s CPU will get hot when we continue to use it especially when playing games. But with this feature, you can easily continue playing as it will cool your system.

Battery saver – The app is also equipped with a battery saver function much like other apps. With this one in here, you don’t need to download a third-party app for this function.

phone cleaner apk pro

Thanks to this one, you can easily improve your phone’s battery by killing the background apps. It automatically recognizes the apps that drains your battery the fastest. Plus, it will do some things that can optimize your battery even more.

Download Phone Cleaner Pro APK – Latest version

If you care about your phone’s health, then you can download Phone Cleaner now. Access many useful features now.

Download Phone Cleaner [21.79 Mb]
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