Open SSTP Client APK 1.7.1

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Download Open SSTP Client APK, an excellent private virtual network. The application helps you to browse safely. Enjoy a safe environment with the fantastic VPN.

Open SSTP Client APK 1.7.1
Name Open SSTP Client
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 1.7.1
Size 4.85 Mb
Category Tools
Developer KOBAYASHI Ittoku
Price Free
Google Play Link kittoku.osc

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Brief Introduction

Open SSTP Client APK is a great mobile application offered by KOBAYASHI Ittoku and launched in July 2021. The app offers browsing simplicity as its primary target is users experiencing some issues as they surf through private websites or applications that have been banned. Prepare your mind to experience a new dimension of browsing, as you will be able to do whatever you desire. You can get the application on your Android device.

open sstp client apk

An In-Depth Description of Open SSTP Client APK

The Open SSTP Client APK is a VPN application developed to assist you with safe browsing. The Virtual Private Network provides you with a secure online environment. You could use the application as a safe website to input private information and a security checker.

There are many sites that cannot be trusted these days, so you need an application to perform a security check. The app goes through the site during this check to ensure you have no worries. After the check, you can browse without worrying about your personal info, history.

Open SSTP Client APK for Android uses secure tunneling through HTTP protocols. The protocol gives you access to private networks. A lot of web proxies and firewalls can be accessed over HTTP. The application is entirely free, and tests are not run on a second server. Be alert because the application can also act out of the blue.

VPN tunneling is done to enable you to browse through sites conveniently. The tunneling is done through secure socket communication. SSL/TLS provides the layer security needed for your internet safety. The layer security includes integrity traffic checks, encryption, and key negotiation. Asides from web proxies that have been certified, proxy servers are bypassed with TLS/SSL.

You will enjoy lots of fantastic tools and features when you get the app. You also get access to premium tools. Some of the premium tools include a table of contents, VIP connections, search bars, servers, filters, and customization.

open sstp client apk android

Note that the Open SSTP Client APK latest version is solitary, and premium servers are offered to you at no cost. Downloading the application from our site means that a subscription is not necessary to gain access to the VIP or premium servers.

How To Download Open SSTP Client APK?

Lots of worries come from using unsafe websites. To avert these worries, the Open SSTP Client APK download is what you need to do. The application ensures that you are protected at all times. Follow the steps below to download the Open SSTP Client APK and install it on the mobile device.

  • Go to your device settings and locate the Unknown Source. When you find it, move to Security and click on it for Security Option enabling.
  • The next thing to do is locate the download manager on your Mobile device and tap the Open SSTP Client. Once you click on it, you will discover it is time for downloads.
  • You will be presented with two options on your screen. You have two methods of installing the operating system. You have to boot the app on your mobile device as fast as possible.
  • After that, a pop-up will appear on your screen. This pop-up carries options, but you have to be patient with its appearance.
open sstp client apk download
  • With the conclusion of your application download and installation, click on Open to launch the screen on your mobile device.

Basic Features of Open SSTP Client APK

You will be offered various kinds of servers based on your city or country of residence. Connect your mobile device with countries such as Washington DC, New York, Vancouver, Mumbai, Kathmandu, and Beijing.

Along with the number of servers offered by the site, you will also enjoy fast servers. The application has a solitary feature that provides users with the best and fast servers capable of minimizing time limits. Connection will be made instantly as well.

Open SSTP Client APK Android has a one-tap connection feature that doesn’t require rocket science. Here you will experience only the best connection by using one site. There is also a VIP list. The servers perform excellently well, and they help users in building the best connection with the help of various sites. The list of VIP sites will be given to you free of charge.

The mobile-friendly application offers lots of tools and options that come with an excellent user interface. It has been designed to be friendly to your mobile device and you as a user.

open sstp client apk free download

Open SSTP Client free download is straightforward. You would experience no hidden charges. The connection is smooth and simple, so you will have lots of fun. The servers are reliable and smooth as well. Different connections and countries are also available. You can enjoy the app smoothly because it comes with no ads.


Open SSTP Client APK is a safe application that is guaranteed and protected. Your private history and browsing are protected by the site as well. Enjoy browsing and surfing the internet freely and store your private details also.

Download Open SSTP Client [4.85 Mb]


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