Ninja Hands APK 0.7.0

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Do you love ninjas? In Ninja Hands, you can perform different ninja techniques to save the girl and the world from evil? Go through many levels now and enjoy!

Ninja Hands APK 0.7.0
Name Ninja Hands
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 0.7.0
Size 141.49 Mb
Category Action
Developer Yso Corp
Price Free
Google Play Link com.YsoCorp.NinjaHands

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Ninjas lived in Japan during the 15th and 17th centuries as they were real people. They used their stealthy nature and skills to carry out missions in the dark, very much like spies today. Today, they’re part of numerous movies, shows, anime shows, and even games worldwide.

They’re cool, and the moves that they do surpass logic and physics, but their popularity is undeniable today. This is why in Ninja Hands, you’ll become a cool ninja that will save the girl from the evil ones!

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Published by Yso Corp, you’ll need to use your ninja techniques in this game which is in the form of hand techniques. You can choose what method to use, and you’ll be able to summon unique powers today!

Enjoy a Naruto-like experience as you battle tons of enemies in here. Summon fire, electricity, and you can even substitute the enemies to pigeons! Have fun with plenty of powers and levels here, where the goal is to save the world!

Be a Ninja in Ninja Hands

There are many movies, shows, and anime today that feature ninjas in their stories. We see plenty of movies like Mortal Kombat, Ninja Turtles, G.I Joe, and even anime shows like Naruto reach worldwide popularity today. Over the years, the looks and capabilities of ninjas have drastically changed, as some have powers now.

If you’re a fan of ninjas, you can download Ninja Hands today to enjoy the ultimate game about ninjas! Here, you’ll be able to become a highly skilled ninja capable of many powerful skills.

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Here, you’ll be able to wield many techniques that will allow you to churn out different powers today. Here, you can enjoy techniques like electricity, fire, substitution, and many more. Each technique is unique, and there’s a proper technique and use for them in this game.

Feel free to enjoy many levels here where you can face different opponents, but the main goal is to save the girl. Here, you’ll be able to fight against tough opponents!

Unlock many powers and techniques in this game now and save the world! Enjoy a fun-filled game full of ninjas today.

Capabilities of Ninja Hands

There are many fun things you can do as a ninja today. In Ninja Hands, you can save the girl using your powers!

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Save the girl – In the world today, there is so much ninja-themed content that you can enjoy. There are ninja movies, shows, anime, and even games that you can fully play today.

Aside from those, there are numerous costumes, shirts, lunch boxes, and toys about ninjas worldwide. For fans of ninjas, Ninja Hands is a fun game that you can enjoy right now. Here, the ultimate goal is to save the girl from the bad guys!

It would help if you used your ninja powers today to obliterate countless opponents. Thankfully, you can unlock and use different techniques that unique hand gestures can activate.

The powers that you can use are electricity, water, substitution, fire, and many others. You can unlock more techniques the more levels you clear today. Have fun with plenty of levels where you can defeat so many evildoers and save the girl!

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Use different ninja techniques – There are so many movies and shows about ninjas that you may have watched by now. We know ninjas to be stealthy people who can carry out missions even when they’re sleeping.

In Ninja Hands, you’ll be able to use different ninja techniques that you can see on shows like Naruto. Here, you’ll be able to use other powers, including electricity, substitution, fire, water, and many more. You’ll be able to use different ones depending on the situation!

Play in many levels – This game features many levels that you can play today. Each one requires you to obliterate different types of enemies that will come at you with all they’ve got.

You must use your unique techniques to save the girl at the end. Fight against plenty of enemies in here today and enjoy clearing many levels. You’ll even be able to face more challenging enemies as you complete more levels!

ninja hands apk

3D fun graphics - Ninja Hands features incredible 3D graphics that allow you to enjoy your powers. Here, you can enjoy unique techniques that particular hand gestures can activate. Become the ultimate ninja today and save the girl!

Ninja Hands APK

Have fun saving the girl in Ninja Hands now! Perform various techniques now as you obliterate your opponents.

Download Ninja Hands [141.49 Mb]
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