Shadow Knight Premium APK 3.24.246

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Do you enjoy side-scrolling action games? In Shadow Knight Premium, you’ll become the knight that will save the world! Fight various monsters today!

Shadow Knight Premium APK 3.24.246
Name Shadow Knight Premium
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 3.24.246
Size 177.91 Mb
Category Action
Developer Fansipan Limited
Price Free
Google Play Link com.fansipan.stickman.fight.shadow.knights

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There are plenty of side-scrolling fun games to play right now. These games may be in 2D-style, they are quite fun to play and addictive as well. If you don’t know what these are, then you’re in for a huge treat as you play them right now. Shadow Knight Premium is one of the top choices today where you’ll need to save the land of Harmonia. Here, there are humans, orcs, spirits, dwarves, spirits, undead, elves and beast men here!

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If you don’t want the world to fall into ruins, then you’ll need to put your game up today. Here, you’ll enjoy an epic adventure story where you will go in different journeys in forests, dungeons, towns and many more places. There are plenty of fights that you’ll enjoy and levels to complete where you’ll get a lot of achievements today. You can also upgrade your skills as well as weapons today so you can enjoy epic battles right now. Enjoy epic skills and epic battles today!

Epic Side-Scrolling Platform

When you’re bored today, there are plenty of games out there that you can play. Action games today are dime a dozen but some of them can be a little tiring. Sure, they can bring you intense action sequences but at the cost of you having to focus a lot. If you just want to relax, these 3D action games aren’t the games to play with. Instead, you should enjoy a simple yet challenging side-scrolling platform today such as Shadow Knight Premium!

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This game is a product of Fansipan Limited and it brings breathtaking action sequences, stories, and many adventures. Here, you’ll need to prevent the world from going into chaos and eventually shadow wars. To do this, you’ll need to become the hero as you battle incredibly powerful monsters in different races. The monsters are dwarves, orcs, undead, spirits, beast men, elves and many more. You’ll face plenty of these monsters as you go through various levels today!

You’ll also need to level up and equip the best weapon and equipment to keep up. Level up your skills and collect resources to upgrade! Enjoy never-ending battles today.

Shadow Knight Premium Features

If you’re into action and adventure games, Shadow Knight Premium is a treat today! Enjoy its glorious features which are listed here.

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Embark on Challenging A Journey – There are thousands of games in the adventure/action sphere today. Enjoyable games like these have millions of fans since they’re suited for almost any age and they’re addictive. If you’re looking for a challenging one to play, download Shadow Knight Premium now and save the world of Harmonia! This game has beautiful graphics and intense gameplay that will lure you into playing it for hours! In this game, you can play in a variety of levels each with unique stories.

Enjoy fighting against various monsters from different races such as Beast Men, Elves, Dwarves, Spirits, Orcs, Undead, Humans and many more. You’ll also enjoy climbing, running, jumping and doing all sorts of unique combos. Here, your character can do a lot of skills with different firepower and ranges. Enjoy playing to the limit today and unlock many equipment and skills that you can upgrade. Fight against various bosses and complete missions to get rewards.

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Complete Missions to Receive Rewards – There are a lot of quests here in Shadow Knight Premium that you’ll need to do. Completing each one of them will give you many rewards that you can use for battle. Receive rewards like gem, energy, keys and many more today by completing challenging ones. Go fight and earn many achievements today so you can easily level up and face many more levels. Don’t back out now!

Upgrade Weapons and Equipment – In here, you’ll collect the best weapons and equipment so you can obliterate opponents. You can also enjoy runes from hundreds of items and level them up so they become more powerful. Engage in unique fights today that will test your strength and strategies. Just because you’re powerful doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strategize in this game!

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Epic Fights – There are many types of fights you’ll come across here. Some will force you to battle in long-ranges while there are others which you’ll need to fight up close. But no matter what type of enemy it is, you’ll need to give it your all today. Don’t be afraid of the monsters that threaten to destroy the world with shadow wars.

Incredible skills and controls – Throughout the game, you’ll get many characters that you can use for battle. Each of these characters have unique skills that you can level up as well. Enjoy a variety of combos today and fight with all your might!

Download Shadow Knight Premium APK

Eliminate a lot of monsters in Shadow Knight Premium! Buy the latest equipment now and engage in battles.

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Download Shadow Knight Premium [177.91 Mb]


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