NetCut APK 1.7.9

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Download NetCut APK Latest Version free for Android now. Make sure none of your data is intercepted or leeched by unwanted users and invaders with this application.

NetCut APK 1.7.9
Name NetCut
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.7.9
Size 11 MB
Category Tools
Developer NetCut
Price Free

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How positive are you that your WiFi network is keeping you and all of your data safe? Well, you just might have to rethink all of that. This is because of how easy it is for any invaders to intercept any data being transferred through your device.


However, there is a quick alternative to this solution of pesky intruders trying to steal your information. Download NetCut for Android now and keep all of your information safe, regardless of the WiFi network you are using.

NetCut Features

If You don’t believe that this is a reliable tool to keep your device safe, you might need to check more info. Luckily, all of the information you will need is recorded right here. Continue to read and understand the various features included when you download NetCut for Android…

  • First, you have the ability to scan your network at any moment. Whenever you feel threatened or that your data may be at risk, you can do a quick scan. This will tell you if any unauthorized users have been trying to connect into your network.
  • That being said, you can detect whenever a user is connected to any of your associated WiFi networks. Stay 100% positive that no one is connected when they shouldn’t be.
  • On that note, you will also be able to connect and disconnect any of the devices on your own network. So, if there is an unsuspecting invader trying to access your information, you can top them in their tracks. Block any intruders before they even have a chance to perform an attack. How’s that for a counterattack?
  • Additionally, you can block any and all signals whenever you deem them inappropriate. You have full control over you network with the NetCut application in your arsenal.
  • Once an attacker is detected, you know what to do. Perform any action you deem necessary within the moment. Any invaders or intruders can be detected and neutralized within a matter of minutes or even seconds.

These are just the basic features. You haven’t even scratched the surface yet. Go ahead and download NetCut for Android. Doing so will open your eyes to all of the different characteristics and aspects of the application. Don’t let intruders get in the way of your own privacy and browsing.

NetCut APK Free Download

With all of that being said, you can go ahead and download the NetCut APK Pro version without any interruptions for your Android mobile device now. This is the definitive version without any drawbacks that the Google Play Store version might have carried.

If you are looking for the ultimate protection without having any type of negative effects from the application, then this APK file is the choice for you. So, don’t hesitate to download the file right now.

Download NetCut [11 MB]


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