My Friend Pedro Premium APK 1.12 (Unlocked)

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Do you love playing action games? You'll need to help your friend Pedro save his family in My Friend Pedro. Enjoy many action scenes today.

My Friend Pedro Premium APK 1.12 (Unlocked)
Name My Friend Pedro Premium
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.12
Size 108.85 Mb
Category Action
Developer DevolverDigital
Price Free
Google Play Link com.devolverdigital.myfriendpedro

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Shooting and action games are always popular, no matter the day and age. We can't get enough of these games as there are just too many to enjoy. Nowadays, smartphones have become so advanced that we can thoroughly enjoy some of today's best action games.

There are so many fantastic action games waiting for you, but My Friend Pedro is a classic one. It presents a side-scrolling fun action game with unique aspects!

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What's unique about this action-shooting game is that it allows you to move in slow motion as you can choose the trajectory. The control is similar to Angry Birds, where you can choose the trajectory of where you want to go and fire at enemies.

Enjoy many levels here today where you can fight against plenty of enemies in different locations. Have fun with different game modes as well as skills that you can use today. Can you help your friend Pedro save his family?

Help Your Friend

When it comes to action mobile games, you can have fun with many of them today. Most of them allow you to shoot various enemies and take on different levels today.

For the fans of the genre, you can enjoy quite many of these games as there are so many to choose from. You can go with the traditional casual ones or battle royale ones. But My Friend Pedro offers a side-scrolling action game but with incredible twists.

my friend pedro apk

What differentiates this game from your standard action ones is its unique movement and graphics. It features controls that are similar to Angry Birds, where you can select the trajectory. It's the only way you can move around here, bringing about a unique shoot method.

As you go through your projected area, you can shoot while in the air as the time slows down. This is the perfect action game that allows you to perform jumps, stunts, and flips in the air.

In this game, you're able to play in 37 challenging levels! In each one, you'll face different enemies that you must shoot.

My Friend Pedro Features

My Friend Pedro offers a classic side-scrolling action game with unique twists to keep you coming back for more.

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Incredible Shooting game – The shooting and action genres are two of the most popular genres today. They are so addictive and enjoyable, especially when it comes to mobile games.

It's so easy to find games in any of these genres since most developers focus on them. But if you're looking for something fresh, then My Friend Pedro is a game that you might want to try! This is a unique one that features side-scrolling to the extreme.

Here, your ultimate goal is to help your friend Pedro which is a banana save his family that's been kidnapped! You'll then need to go through 37 grueling levels to keep the family at the end. Find targets and shoot them in the most action-packed way today.

You can move around using trajectories which you can freely control as you wish. Enjoy slow-motion movements as you shoot through the air for a Matrix-style game! In this game, you'll also enjoy the Blood Rush Mode so you can test your skills.

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Play 37 levels – If you're an action gamer, you need to play My Friend Pedro now! Here, you'll face 37 unique levels that are full of action scenes for you to play. At each level, you'll have to meet tons of enemies in different locations as well as varying levels of toughness.

You'll find that your enemies will be more challenging as you go on, and you need to level up. You can enjoy completing each level as you go through the end, where you can save your friend's family!

Unique controls – What makes My Friend Pedro unique from other side-scrolling games today is that it features a different controls scheme. Instead of the usual virtual joystick or the arrow keys, you can move using trajectories. This is a similar concept to how you launch the birds in Angry Birds.

You can control the distance as well as the height so you can go anywhere you want. As you go through different areas, you can shoot in the air and enjoy a slow-motion action scene today.

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Various Modes – This game features multiple modes for you to try today. There's the Story Mode, where you can complete all 37 levels.

But if you're looking for a challenge, there's the Blood Rush Mode! Try to save your friend's family here now.

Download My Friend Pedro APK

If you're looking for the ultimate side-scrolling shooting game, My Friend Pedro is for you to try!

Download My Friend Pedro Premium [108.85 Mb]


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