Mini Soccer Star Mod APK 1.22 (Unlimited Money)

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Unduh game Mini Soccer Star Mod APK. Game sepak bola yang ringan dan menyenangkan. Buat tim Anda dan raihlah kemenangan. Jadilah juara piala sepak bola.

Mini Soccer Star Mod APK 1.22 (Unlimited Money)
Name Mini Soccer Star
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 1.22
Size 106.31 Mb
Category Sports
Developer Viva Games Studios
Price Free
Google Play Link

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About Mini Soccer Star – Sports Game

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. With numerous tournaments such as the Champions League, European Cup, and the World Cup, soccer has become the most played sport of all time. Over time, soccer has also made its way into the gaming world on PCs, consoles, and even mobile devices. Several games offer the experience of playing soccer in-game, such as FIFA, E-Football PES, and many more. On mobile, you can still play PES Mobile and a lightweight game called Mini Soccer Star APK.

mini soccer star mod apk

Mini Soccer Star APK is a soccer game developed by Viva Games Studios that is lightweight yet still exciting. You can play with various teams from around the world and various countries that participate in the World Cup with famous players.

You can choose your own team, participate in intense competitions with hundreds of well-known clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Tottenham Hotspur. If you like playing at the national team level, Mini Soccer APK also offers tournaments for national teams such as England, Germany, Spain, Brazil, and many more.

Although it is less than 100 MB in size, Mini Soccer APK boasts attractive graphics with intense soccer gameplay. You can feel the tension of playing soccer on a real field.

Mini Soccer Star APK also offers interesting gameplay with various modes you can try. You can train your players, hone skills, and increase player strength to make scoring goals easier. You can also customize your favorite player by adding jerseys to suit your taste.

mini soccer star mod apk download

Interestingly, you can play Mini Soccer Star APK with easy controls and intuitive sounds. You can play this game when you have free time, and it is available offline, so you don't need to use additional data charges. So, what are you waiting for? Download Mini Soccer Star APK now. Download the modified version to get premium access to all game resources.

Various Intense Soccer Game Modes

Soccer games are synonymous with various modes you can try. Such as quick play mode, career mode, and league mode. These various modes are also available in Mini Soccer Star APK.

Quick play mode requires you to score as many goals as possible. You can choose whether to be a kicker or a goalkeeper. If you choose to be a kicker, then you must find angles that are difficult for the goalkeeper to reach.

You must perform the kick with a quick hand movement to achieve maximum ball speed. If you choose to be a goalkeeper, then you must guess the direction of the kick that will be shot by the computer. Accurately predict the ball to block the opponent's kick.

mini soccer star mod apk for android

Career mode requires you to build your character as a soccer player. You must train hard to enter clubs and then join the national team. This mode is more exciting if you have a lot of free time.

Finally, tournament mode. You can choose your favorite team and club to compete in a tournament. You can participate in competitions and collect as many points as possible and compete with other clubs to become the champion. This mode is more exciting because it offers competitive gameplay.

Easy Soccer Game Controls

Are you looking for a lightweight soccer game that still maintains gameplay quality? Then Mini Soccer Star APK can be an alternative choice for you. This game does not take up much storage and has easy controls for beginners.

You will not be given many buttons that confuse but only a few basic controls. Even so, the resulting game is still intense soccer gameplay. With characters that you can customize with various attractive jerseys, and also real soccer fields.

You can build your own soccer career. Become a star and win many championships. You can be a star in your favorite country and help reach the top of the world soccer rankings.


mini soccer star mod apk latest version

Other Interesting Features of Mini Soccer Star APK

Many Tournaments and Cups – In soccer games, winning championships is the essence of participating in tournaments. This game offers many tournaments that you can participate in at various levels of matches. You are required to lead your team to victory and win championships.

Unique and Customizable Characters – Although small, this game can provide custom character modes and also improve player performance through a lot of training. You can try training mode to build strong players ready to win matches.

Intuitive Visuals and Sound in Game – This game offers gameplay with great visuals and cool sound effects. You can feel the roar of the audience when scoring goals and attractive visual effects. Designed as intensely as possible, Mini Soccer Star APK is a lightweight soccer game that is still worth downloading.

Download Mini Soccer Star APK For Android

You can download Mini Soccer Star APK for free on the Play Store. However, you can also download it through this website to get the game with a modified version. The version allows you to get full access to features that you would normally have to pay for with real money. So what are you waiting for? You can download the latest version of Mini Soccer Star APK for Android with unlimited money from the link below.

mini soccer star mod apk unlimited money

Key Features of Mini Soccer Star Mod APK

This modified version of Mini Soccer Star presents a unique advantage for players aiming to dominate the soccer field. The key modification includes:

  • Unlimited Money: With this feature, players have an endless supply of funds to enhance their team's capabilities. This includes purchasing the best equipment, upgrading player skills, and acquiring top-tier athletes to strengthen your squad.

The Mini Soccer Star Mod APK offers an enriched and more engaging soccer experience, empowering you to excel in various tournaments and lead your team to glory in the competitive world of soccer.


Mini Soccer Star APK is a highly suitable game for those who love soccer. The most popular game is now also available in mobile version. With a small size and enjoyable gameplay, Mini Soccer Star APK can be an alternative for those looking to get an intense soccer gaming experience

Download Mini Soccer Star [106.31 Mb]
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