M4ph4x APK v3.7

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Do you play Mobile Legends a lot? Get M4ph4x now and get a map tool that can help you see the enemies! Enjoy other features, too, like remove grass, max level, and more.

M4ph4x APK v3.7
Name M4ph4x
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version v3.7
Size 215 MB
Category Tools
Developer AERO PH
Price Free

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Mobile Legends is one of the most famous MOBA games in the market right now. It’s a strategy game that features many heroes, maps, animations, and gameplay that lets you play with online players. The goal of each team in this game is to eliminate the enemies and destroy the base!

Here, you’ll get to enjoy gameplay where you can showcase your strategies and full power. But if you have the M4ph4x tool, you can win every match.

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This app allows you to access the radar map tool, which will let you see the locations of the enemies in real-time. This means you can create opportunities for you and your teammates to strike and defend. You can also enjoy the No Grass feature, which would let you see any hiding enemies.

There’s also the feature which you can maximize your emblems, eliminate cooldown on skills, and No death cooldown! With these tools, you can quickly grab victory today.

Win at ML with M4ph4x

Mobile Legends is one of the most addictive games nowadays because it allows you to play with others and create strategies. This game usually lasts for 10 minutes which you can play with friends and other players.

Here, you can pick your hero with unique skills and combat powers. The aim is to destroy the towers and, ultimately, the enemy’s base. But this is simpler said than done as you’ll encounter enemies with unique heroes as well.

m4ph4x apk

With M4ph4x, you can easily win matches at Mobile Legends right now since it allows you to get the radar map tool. With this tool, you can see the positions and locations of the enemies on the minimap. This will allow you and your teammates to perform ambushes and to avoid them as well.

You can also enjoy various tools like No Grass, Max emblem, Attack speed, No cooldown, No death cooldown, and many more. With these tools, it’s impossible not to win today!

The best part about M4ph4x is that it’s free. You need to download the app, turn on the features and test it out!

Features of M4ph4x

If you want to climb the rankings in Mobile Legends quickly, download M4ph4x now! Reach Mythic directly and be proud.

A Tool for ML – When you want to play Mobile Legends today, you’ll be greeted by millions of players climbing the rankings each day. Thus, the battle for supremacy will only get more complex as more time goes on.

m4ph4x download for android

So, if you’re a beginner ML player, you’ll be able to reach the top within a few months with effort and money. But if you don’t want to sacrifice those things, you can get M4ph4x now and unlock many tools.

In basic terms, this app contains many tools that can instantly elevate your gameplay, making you a god in the game. Its most prominent feature is the Radar Map feature which will show you the locations of the enemies on the minimap.

Then, other tools like the Max Emblem, No Grass, No death cooldown, and more. When you turn on all of these tools today, you’ll be invincible!

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Radar Map – The location of each player is vital in MOBA games like Mobile Legends. The game shows your site to the enemies briefly if enemies attack you. But if you want to see the locations of the enemies permanently, then this tool will help you.

Now, you should locate the enemies on the minimap so you can attack them immediately. There’s no guarantee that you’ll win against them, but with the help of other tools below, you can!

No Grass and Max Emblem – You’ll also get an exciting tool in M4ph4x, which is called No Grass. This will remove all the grass in the game, removing the hiding spots that your opponents can go to. With this, there should be no ambushes waiting at you.

m4ph4x free download

You can also enjoy the Max Emblem tool, allowing you to increase your skills and combat power more. With these tools, you should be able to power up more.

No skill cooldown and No death cooldown – One of the things that make Mobile Legends harder are the cooldowns. But if you have M4ph4x, your skills won’t have any cooldown, which will allow you to attack repeatedly!

Then, there’s also no cooldown when you die so that you can jump right into battle quickly. With these tools, you should be able to get back at battle quickly.

Attack speed and movement speed – You can also increase your attack speed and movement speed with M4ph4x! You can make your hero powerful and faster so you can eliminate more enemies.

Download M4ph4x APK – Latest version

If you want to win more matches at Mobile Legends, download M4ph4x today and wipe out the enemies.

Download M4ph4x [215 MB]


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