Lovecraft Locker APK 1.1.85

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There are many interesting game available today. But if you are pretty adventurous, then you should try playing Lovecraft Locker APK today!

Lovecraft Locker APK 1.1.85
Name Lovecraft Locker
Compatible with Android 4.2+
Last version 1.1.85
Size 115 MB
Category Books & Reference
Developer LedGlove LTD
Price Free

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Fun games are fun games that you can enjoy as a hobby and they are also known as anime games. Nowadays, there are many games like this disguised as simulation games. But if you want something that won't wobble, then you'll love Lovecraft Locker APK! In short, this game is the pinnacle of all anime themes in Japan and it allows you to enjoy a unique game. Here, you can meet many girls around your school.

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This game lets you wait in your locker when you meet your girls. Here, there are a lot of girls passing by the locker so you will have many goals. You can then tap the locker to release the tentacles that will meet the girls into the locker. There, you can enjoy some innocent scenes that are suitable for everyone. Enjoy a fun anime game today where you can meet many cool girls!

Craft Girls

When we think of simulation, the first thing that comes to our mind is cute girls and school. This is the typical recipe for sims these days and everyone seems to love it. But if you're someone who wants to skip all the fun and dialogue, then you're going to want to play something tough. Lovecraft Locker Game is a unique fun game that allows you to enjoy anime as it is.

What we mean here is that it really doesn't have any story or dialogue about it. It's just a game where all your fantasies come true as you try to grab every good thing you see. Here, there are a lot of girls walking in the hallway and you can meet them in your closet. Then you can do all sorts of things to make them happy and they'll come out happy.

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From time to time, you will enjoy the beautiful scene on the screen when you please. Overall, this is not a bad anime game!

Lovecraft Locker Features

Have you ever wanted to play an anime game? Download Lovecraft Locker APK now and enjoy.

Simple Anime – There are many interesting anime games on the Play Store right now. If you search for it, there are plenty of simulations all over the web. However, some people don't find these games to their liking and want something simpler. While there's the option to just watch anime shows, there's something about a game that makes it all the more enjoyable. In Lovecraft Locker Game you can enjoy meeting happy girls!

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Here, there will be a lot of girls roaming the corridors of your school in school uniforms. Instead of a normal guy, you are a tentacle hiding in a school locker. Here, you can then meet girls with your tentacles and chat with them. Enjoy the exciting scenes happening right on the screen as you meet the girls who look like they want to laugh even more.

Get all the playfulness – There are a lot of girls in this game these days that you can meet. There are blondes, and girls with different hair colors look very cute. Moreover, there are golden girls who bring more laughter than any other. Here you can enjoy the fun graphics as you watch the girls become happy and forget everything about where they are.

Enjoy – Here you can capture multiple people in different lockers simultaneously and enjoy the beautiful scenes. The girls passing by will be happy by what they are enjoying but that shouldn't stop you from doing your duty! Meet as many people as you can and fill out your vocabulary book!

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Fun Cartoon Graphics – The game doesn't have surreal 3D graphics like most sims these days. However, it offers an old school where the cartoon graphics are amazing and the girls are cute. You will be able to enjoy a simple but fun game today!

Lovecraft Locker APK – Latest version

Laughter is a staple in Japanese anime shows. In Lovecraft Locker, you will be the one to bring joy to everyone.

Download Lovecraft Locker [115 MB]
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