LEGO Star Wars: TCS APK (Invincible, Studs)

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Download LEGO Star Wars: TCS APK latest version to unleash the force of the blocks and battle for supremacy in the most complete LEGO Star Wars saga ever.

LEGO Star Wars: TCS APK (Invincible, Studs)
Name LEGO Star Wars: TCS
Compatible with Android 4.0+
Last version
Size 7.83 Mb
Category Action
Developer Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Price 6.99
Google Play Link

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There are some names that need no introduction. Star Wars has been one of the most defining sagas throughout modern history. The Star Wars franchise is everywhere right now – in the cinema, on TV, all over social media – and now it has come to your mobile phone as well.


LEGO Star Wars: TCS is The Complete Saga of LEGO Star Wars. The game combines the original LEGO Star Wars game, plus the sequel to bring you hours of epic battles and force related fun. The game has more than 120 characters and 36 story mode levels to play through, as well as additional bonus content.

A blocky Star Wars adventure

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, then you’ve no doubt heard of the LEGO Star Wars saga before. The game was a hit back in the day and now it’s here on mobile! Not only does LEGO Star Wars: TCS (the complete saga) give you the original game, it also gives you the sequel, meaning you’ll have hours of fun playing through all the levels.

In fact, there is so much content that this game takes up a whopping 1.44GB of data on your mobile! If you’re worried you don’t have enough space to fit it in, then we recommend that you download it onto your computer first and then move it over to your phone. This will mean that it’ll only take up half the space. Certainly a good idea for those of you with lower-spec phones.

Once the game is installed, you can go about enjoying all the levels of the two LEGO Star Wars games. Let’s see what’s in store for you…


Levels straight out of the movies

All 36 of the epic story mode missions come straight from the Star Wars movies. You get to play through the Trade Confederation’s treacherous ‘negotiations’ with Obi-Wan Kenobi, then take the fight to the dark side in epic battles over Endor, the Death Star, and more.

Play through the most intense encounters from the Star Wars saga and help the Jedi order defeat the dark side once and for all (until the next trilogy…).

Play as whoever you want!

The game has 120 unique characters to play as, including Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, Han Solo, and many more. Who is your favorite Star Wars character? Complete the missions and bonus content in the game and try to score as high as possible to unlock new characters to play as. See if you can unlock them all!


Feel the force!

Use the force to crush your opponents. Whether it be using the light saber throw or force push of the Jedi, or the force throw and catastrophic lightning strike of the dark side, you can make use of your epic powers to help you defeat your opponent. The force is the life blood of the Star Wars saga, and your little LEGO characters are armed to the teeth with power and potential. Unleash the force!

LEGO power

Everything is more fun when it’s made of LEGO. The game hasn’t missed out on the opportunity to use the power of LEGO. You can smash things into LEGO blocks, or throw your LEGO opponents around like candy. You can even mash up characters together, like Han Fett and Luke Windu. Have some fun and remember once again what LEGO was so great for! Make your own characters and take them out to defeat opponents and become a legend!

Some tips for playing LEGO Star Wars: TCS

It always helps to have a couple of tips when playing a game, and LEGO Star Wars: TCS is no different. Here are some of our favorite useful tips that’ll help you to win the game without any hassle or silly mistakes.

Don’t build with enemies around. Doing this will likely result in you getting blasted. When you see a pile of blocks on the floor that are jumping up and down, go over to them and press the action button to build something useful, but be careful that someone isn’t going to take advantage of your vulnerability when doing this.


Certain characters open special doors. Once you’ve unlocked a few more characters, try restarting a level and playing as one of them to unlock some special doors to unlock bonus goodies such as gold coins or something else valuable. This will give you a better score and help you to unlock even more characters.

Collect coins to become a True Jedi. The more coins you collect throughout a level, the more your Jedi meter will fill and the more likely you’ll be to earn the status of ‘True Jedi’.

LEGO Star Wars: TCS APK – Invincible, Studs

If you want to unlock as many characters as possible early on in the game, then download the unlimited Invincible, Studs for the game. Try it out!

Download LEGO Star Wars: TCS [7.83 Mb]


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