Kali Nethunter APK 2019.3-rc1

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Download Kali Nethunter APK to protect your mobile devices from attacks when you connect to other networks for free. Nethunter takes care of your android security.

Kali Nethunter APK 2019.3-rc1
Name Kali Nethunter
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2019.3-rc1
Size 5 MB
Category Tools
Developer Offensive Security
Price Free

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A Detailed Description of Kali NetHunter APK

Kali Nethunter APK is an excellent open-source application that is used by most android devices to protect their devices from third-party penetration. Kali Nethunter APK is a great penetration testing app for Android. This application has taken the honour of being the first free platform to test for android penetration.

kali nethunter apk 2022

Although it is for Android devices, it works well with Samsung devices, one play and nexus devices; this is because it requires a rooted device, and the device must have a custom recovery and kernel. Kali Nethunter APK for android is unique, and you can use the injection via a wireless network with a few clicks and with this injection, you can cure many keyboards or USB attacks.

Just like you go for medical check-ups, our devices must also be checked to ensure no viruses or external attacks. Kali Nethunter APK 2022 has many tools you can get your hands on. Also, you will get daily updates from the application. Generally, Kali Nethunter APK is a professional tool for penetration testing for android that phone engineers can use.

As a professional phone engineer, you must trust whatever tool you use. We can guarantee you that Kali Nethunter's latest version 2022 is trusted and reputable to use. You can read through the scripts in Nethunter images for more conviction. Join users worldwide to download and use this effective app. You can get the Kali Nethunter APK download link below.

This penetration testing platform is cheap, and it is affordable for everyone, let's say, pocket-friendly as well, and it is the only leading testing application. Kali Nethunter APK supports several devices, which include Nexus 4 to 10, Samsung and one plus devices.

kali nethunter apk download

Using Kali Nethunter APK with your nexus 6 device is super interesting as it provides the whole experience of a desktop. Kali Nethunter APK for nexus features a RAM of 3GB,  a CPU of 2.7Ghz and a display of 6 inches. This is a perfect requirement for your device.

On the other hand, for Nexus 10 devices, you need a dual-core CPU and RAM 2GB with a resolution between 2500 and 6000. Furthermore, Nexus 4/5 can work on a quad-core CPU 2.3GHz with RAM 2GB. With these devices, you will enjoy and explore an inexpensive testing app running effectively on each.

Unique features of Kali Nethunter APK

As an effective tool for penetration testing, Kali Nethunter APK offers many features. Below are some of the features it offers users;

Easy-to-use interface

Kali Nethunter APK has a simple and clean interface that you can navigate through easily to use the app. The simple interface of an app is the most looked out for feature, and Kali Nethunter APK was not short of this. It is easy to use, with the features well arranged once you open the app.

kali nethunter apk for android

Easy configuration management

This application, Kali Nethunter APK, manages configurations effectively. The configuration interface of this application is easy to do, and you can easily do it via a local web layout. This feature makes Kali Nethunter an effective application and makes it a reliable security tool that you can use at any time.

Wireless Injection and AP MODE with USB WiFi cards supported

Kali Nethunter APK supports wireless injection at access point mode with WiFi. There hasn't been any penetration testing app that beats Kali Nethunter APK with this feature. Also, this feature allows you to create a clone and deceive intruders while you capture them when they want to penetrate your device.

Simple Menu System

This application features many tools that can be used efficiently, and they are accessible; all these tools are arranged in a simple menu that you can click and use with ease

kali nethunter apk latest version

USB Y-cable support

Kali Nethunter APK allows you to use OTG cords or cables while charging your device. This way, you don't have to worry about not charging your device when you use the Kali Nethunter penetration tester. The USB Y- Cable is fully supported in this app.

Radio support

Here is another exciting feature of Kali Nethunter APK. This application supports a software-defined radio; this way, you can easily use this app with to enjoy the wireless radio. This is super easy and innovative.

Runs USB HID keyboard attacks

Kali Nethunter APK images support programmed HID keyboard attacks and BadUSB attacks. This application runs the keyboard attack just like the teensy device.

On the other hand, the support it has for BadUSB attacks is top-notch; you can easily plug in Kali Nethunter to the affected devices and have the traffic running into it relayed. This is straightforward, with no complex method involved.

kali nethunter apk_optimized


This is a must-have app for all phone engineers as it is the first-ever professional penetration testing app for Android. Get the Kali Nethunter APK free download link below.

Download Kali Nethunter [5 MB]


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