Idle White House APK 0.4

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Have you always wanted to become the president of USA? In Idle White House, you get to run the place! Hire more agents, develop buildings and make money!

Idle White House APK 0.4
Name Idle White House
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 0.4
Size 34 MB
Category Strategy
Developer VVE Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.vve.idlewhitehouse

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There are a lot of different jobs around the world that we currently have. But among the most prestigious ones would be the job of becoming a president of the United States. After all, this country is considered a super country with a lot of resources under its care. But if you’ve always wanted to become one, you can now do so in Idle White House. Here, you get to run the place so you’re in charge of big business decisions.

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These decisions would include hiring different agents for the different government offices. Choose the best ones for the job and hire a lot of them to help you run the country. Then, you can also develop the White House and add new offices! There are many changes you can make but your primary concern should be to make profit.

Become the US President

There are a lot of jobs you can take anywhere you are in the world today. But one of the hardest and most prestigious one would be to become a president of the United States. This country has a massive influence along with huge resources and population. Because of this, you’ll need to be courageous and delicate in undertaking this job. But in Idle White House, you get to be the president to make money!

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This game from VVE Games lets you become the president and make important decisions. Here, you’ll treat this game like a business you need to hire agents to be on different government offices. Then, you will also need to raise many offices and develop the White House. You can change the chairs, tables, sofas, design and many more elements inside the buildings. It’s your job to make idle money in this game by making important decisions!

You can make money even if you’re not playing the game here. There are a lot to upgrade and erect as well as to hire. Enjoy the 3D graphics and wield unlimited power now!

Idle White House Features

Do you have an ambition to lead the country someday? In Idle White House, you get to be the president of America and make important decisions.

Run the Country – We all know that it’s the job of the president to lead his/her country well. Because of this, the job entails making important decisions, talking with other nations and making sure that the country is successful. In Idle White House, you get the role as the president of the United States of America. As such, you’ll be in charge of making sure that you’re earning passive income. To do this, you’ll need to hire a lot of agents to undertake positions in the different government offices.

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Aside from that, you’ll need to expand your offices and build a lot of them as well as developing the White House. You’re in charge of changing the windows, tables, chairs and many more. Aside from that, you’ll be making important decisions in this game that will allow you to earn idle money. Enjoy leading the country now and making unlimited profits.

Develop the White House – One of your roles as the US president is to make sure that the White House becomes prosperous. To do this, you need to erect many offices inside the White House so that the country can make money. Here, you can erect various facilities and even upgrade them. There are a lot of offices you can erect in this game so choose wisely.

Hire Agents – Another thing you need to do is to hire agents to populate different government offices. Here, you can see how competent each contender is so it’s up to you on who to hire. There are many offices that need manpower in this game so try to hire as many as you can so you can run the business well.

Improve your Offices – Aside from erecting offices, you also need to manage and improve them regularly. This means upgrade the old facilities and changing the design and furniture. These things cost money but they will give you idle profits in the long run. Try to upgrade them regularly so you can make a lot of money.

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Make Idle Money – The goal of this game is to make idle money from becoming the president. Although this isn’t how it works in real life, it’s an entertaining game that lets you see how it all works.

Amazing animations – In Idle White House, you’ll see all the different branches of the government working together. Supervise and run the country vividly now!

Download Idle White House APK – Latest version

If you enjoy idle management games, you’ll enjoy Idle White House! This game lets you become the US president!

Download Idle White House [34 MB]


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