Idle Military APK 4.0.0

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Do you love war games? In Idle Military, you can siege armies and rescue people from the Evil empire! You can build your base here and train commanders now.

Idle Military APK 4.0.0
Name Idle Military
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 4.0.0
Size 62.37 Mb
Category Strategy
Developer Global Mobi App LC
Price Free
Google Play Link com.gma.idle.millitary

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There are many idle games available to play right now that you can enjoy. These games are fun to play since you don’t have to do much in order to play. Even if you’re offline, the game continues to run and you can play it whenever you want. Now, there are many types of idle games available in the market but if you’re into war games, then you need to play Idle Military! This is a new game that will let you besiege lands to free them from the tyrannical evil Empire!

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Here, you’ll need to train your commanders and gather as much forces as you can so you can siege many lands. You’ll need to unlock new troops, upgrade your weapons, and lead your army to battle today. There are a lot of fun things you can enjoy in this game where you can upgrade and level up. You can enjoy quite an easy game today that you can play even when you’re sleeping!

What’s Idle Military?

When you play idle games today, you can enjoy quite a lot of them since there are many types available. These games are fun and they only require you to play with minimal focus and effort. But if you want to intervene, you can also upgrade the game to the best of your limits. These games are fun as they don’t need as much effort and focus in order to play today. So, if you’re looking for a great war game right now, you can download Idle Military!

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This is an idle game published by Global Mobi App that allows you to conquer many lands today. Instead of conquering lands just for the sake of it, you’ll need to do this to liberate lands from the evil Empire! There are many lands you’ll need to conquer and you’ll do all this with your army. You then need to unlock many troops, train leaders and lead your army to battle in here. You can earn plenty of gold even when you’re not playing the game.

Your troops and cannons will annihilate the enemies in here for you. Then, you can take charge easily when you want.

Highlights of Idle Military

If you’re fond of military games, then Idle Military is the ultimate game for you. You don’t need to do much in order to enjoy these features:

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The Best Idle Game – When you think of idle games, what comes to your mind? Whatever it is, we can all agree that these games are fun and they don’t require much from us. This is why many players today enjoy playing them whenever they have free time. In Idle Military, you’ll be in charge of leading an army to battle in order to fight the evil forces! Here, you must liberate the lands from the empire that’s taking control.

To do this, you’ll need to lead an army of soldiers as well as your cannons in order to fight. You won’t need to manually fight but you just need to supervise and intervene when needed. This game allows you to unlock new weapons such as cannons and many more! You can also unlock new troops and train your soldiers to level up. You can enjoy many levels in this game!

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Unlock troops and weapons – There are so many different troops available in this game today. You can gradually upgrade your troops by unlocking new ones here. Each type of soldier is unique and you can gain enormous military strength overtime. This game challenges your leadership and survival skills as you try to overcome many battles. Here, you can explore the world and unlock many weapons that you can use in battle today.

Many lands to conquer – There are also many lands to conquer in this game. At first, you’ll conquer easy lands but you’ll soon need to increase your military strength when you go up the levels. Each level presents unique troops and different challenges that you must face! Even if you fail, you can try your best again after you’ve fortified your troops. Try to conquer all the levels to receive many interesting rewards.

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Train your commanders – We all know that a military unit works well when they’re commanders work well. In Idle Military, you can train your commanders in order to lead more troops today. There are a lot of commanders you can train here to increase their strategies and strength.

Easy to play idle game – You only need one hand in order to play this game! Enjoy 3D graphics and no penalties in here. Feel free to play the game whenever you want.

Download Idle Military APK – Latest version

Conquering new lands has never been easier! Get all the coins in Idle Military and siege many lands!

Download Idle Military [62.37 Mb]


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