Hunt and Hide APK 1.2.0

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You can enjoy quite a lot of multiplayer games now. But Hunt and Hide APK - offer something unique! Play as either a Hunter or a Runaway in 1 vs. four matches.

Hunt and Hide APK 1.2.0
Name Hunt and Hide
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.2.0
Size 149.43 Mb
Category Action
Developer Youth Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.asymmetric.huntandhide

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Hunt and Hide APK – Amazing Multiplayer Game

There are so many multiplayer games that are available to enjoy right now. Almost every game today has a multiplayer aspect since players are always looking for the best ones to play.

Many people want to play multiplayer games since they want to feel connected and enjoy authentic games. With so many available multiplayer games today, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily, we present to you Hunt and Hide, which is a fun new game!

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This is a multiplayer game that’s different from what you see today. Today's most multiplayer games are in battle royale, MOBA, RPG, adventure, MMORPG, and many more.

But in this action game, you’ll be enjoying one versus four battles where you can play as either the Hunter or a Runaway. As the Hunter, your job is to catch the four runaways throughout the match. As a runaway, you’ll need to get the key and run away.

Enjoyable Multiplayer

The multiplayer genre is enjoyed by many today. A lot of games today have a multiplayer option or even allows players to only play with others. Games like Mobile Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, and more are all multiplayer games we can enjoy right now.

So many games are multiplayer ones as players find it more enjoyable to play with others than CPUs. Since there are so many multiplayer games available, you might be confused about what game to play. Hunt and Hide is a new one you should try!

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This game is an addictive multiplayer game from Youth Games, and it offers a unique concept. Here, you’ll be able to randomly play as a Hunter or a Runaway in 1 versus four matches.

These are real-time battles, and each side has its roles to fulfill to win the game. The Hunter’s role is to shoot down the Runaways and confine them in a room. Then, the Runaways will try to escape from the hunter as they break open safes using keys.

There will be unique skills that the Hunter and Runaways can use in the game!

Features of Hunt and Hide

There are so many enjoyable multiplayer games available right now. Hunt and Hide are one of them!

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Addictive Multiplayer – When you say multiplayer, you’re referring to a broad game genre that many categories fall into. There are plenty of categories you can play in multiplayer games, such as racing, shooting, action, strategy, and many more.

If you’re looking to play with your friends and others, multiplayer games provide the best gameplays for everyone. Download Hunt and Hide now and experience a unique multiplayer game that you can enjoy today.

This game lets you experience a fun new multiplayer game with a unique concept. Two sides will be clashing here, which is the Hunter and the Runaways.

There can only be one Hunter per match, and his job is to find the Runaways, shoot them and confine them in one room. Then, the Runaways consists of 4 players, and their job is to open the safes scattered around using keys that they find. This is a cat and mouse game that you can enjoy today!

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Play as a Hunter or a Runaway – If you enjoy unique multiplayer games like Among Us, Mobile Legends, Brawl Stars, and more, then you’ll love this one. This game follows a similar concept to Among Us but with a unique twist. Here, you’ll be able to play randomly as a Hunter or a Runaway in every match.

There’s only going to be one Hunter, and his job is to hunt down the Runaways and confine them in one room. On the other hand, the Runaways consist of four players, and they must evade the Hunter while cracking open the safes.

In this game, there is a large map that all the players will be playing in real-time. There will be a confinement room in the middle, and the safes are scattered across the map. Chaos will ensue once the Hunter spots the Runaways, but things can turn around fast!

Unique cosmetics – This game not only has an interesting concept; it also has the best cosmetics you can enjoy today. Here, you can have fun with different cosmetics such as costumes and items that you can wear.

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Item cards – Hunt and Hide lets you purchase different item card tricks that you can use as a Runaway to run away from the Hunter!

3D graphics and easy controls – In terms of graphics, it’s similar to Brawl Stars and Among Us. The controls are also accessible as you can navigate wherever you want to go.

Download Hunt and Hide APK

Enjoy the most spectacular multiplayer game today with Hunt and Hide! Enjoy it now and download it!

Download Hunt and Hide [149.43 Mb]


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