Human Gun APK 4.23

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Download Human Gun APK and enjoy playing this action-filled game. Collect new weapons and avoid as many obstacles as possible before you reach the finish line.

Human Gun APK 4.23
Name Human Gun
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 4.23
Size 94.08 Mb
Category Action
Developer Rollic Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.gaminics.humangun

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A Comprehensive Description of Human Gun APK

Suppose you’re looking for a casual game to play when you’re bored and have free time, then the Human Gun APK android game is the ideal one for you to start playing.

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Human Gun APK is an exciting action game where players use stick men and collect different guns to take out various obstacles in their way until they reach the finish line.

With its fun concept and multiple game features, gamers globally have fallen in love with the game. It has become a top-rated mobile application and has grown many players playing it. Gamers are continually installing this game on their android device, and you, too, can join in on the fun. The Human Gun APK for android is available here, and you can start having fun.

The developers are constantly working on new and upgraded versions of this game, but the Human Gun APK latest version was released on the 21st of October, 2022, and Rollic Games made the game. Everyone can play this game as it is a recreational game that lacks violence or any form of explicit blood scenes. You’re shooting at obstacles to clear a path for you to pass. It is rated 3+, meaning practically everyone can enjoy playing this game.

Playing this game is easy as there aren’t any complex mechanics around it. Your figure is constantly advancing toward the finish line, and all that is required from players is that you swipe left and right to move around the terrain and avoid obstacles. The game is entertaining, and players have no problem once they start playing.

If you want to start playing this game and install it on your android device conveniently, the Human Gun APK download can be made here.

Fun Gameplay and Concept on Human Gun APK

This game practically screams simplicity in its gameplay and concept. The developers made this game as uncomplicated as possible. The leading task players are given in this game is to advance towards the finish line, clear as many objects and obstacles coming their way, and collect stick men and cash during their run.

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There are multiple levels in this game, and although it starts at a relatively slow pace, as you progress in the game, it gets more complicated. The gun you use immediately is a small pistol, and little obstacles are blocking you, but you’ll soon be using heavier guns that fire more effectively, and more traps will come from all angles. Also, the game will be moved more quickly.

One thing players should look out for is the number of stickmen they collect, as it is vital for your gameplay. Each stickman you order gives you cash, and also there are bundles of money that you will notice on your way as you run.

After completing each level, the cash is accumulated, and players are given more bonuses as there is a chance to triple their money by watching free ads and a chance bar that increases their total cash by the amount it falls on. Imagine getting 30$ and raising it to 150$ when you land on the x5 bar. Also, after you pass the finish line, there is an additional run full of bonuses, and depending on how far you go, the magnitude of the compensation you’ll receive.

The cash in this game can be used to purchase new weapons and upgrades that will give players a better gaming experience. There are multiple weapons and different upgrades in this game that will make playing this game more interesting.

As it is with cash rewards, players can also unlock free weapons and upgrades by watching advertisements in the game. Watching 30-second videos might be stressful, but to think that that’s the price to pay to have advanced weapons, then it is worth it.

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One thing to note is that Human Gun APK has different modifications that will make playing the game more enjoyable and convenient for players. One of the most helpful mods is the Human Gun APK unlimited money. Players are given an infinite amount of cash, which can be used to pay for any gun, upgrade, or item. This handy tool will make this game more accessible and make passing more challenging levels more convenient.

The graphics and visual system in this game can also be awe-inspiring as it is played on a two-dimensional grid with a light blue colored background with buildings surrounding the platform players are running on. It has cartoonish drawings of the stick men and weapons, making the game appealing to the players. The audio effects in this game are also now with good background music while playing and cool sounds when your gun is being fired.

This game is an excellent application on your device, and playing it will always keep you interested. It has incredible gameplay and a fantastic concept that will keep you hooked for as long as you play.

Game features on Human Gun APK

  • Simple Gameplay:

This game has straightforward gameplay, which isn’t complex at all. There aren’t any demanding missions or quests that you have to think hard about how to pass, but you simply have to clear obstacles and reach the finish line.

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  • Different Weapons:

There are different weapons made available in this game, and they can be unlocked as you advance in the game. Pistols, machine guns, shotguns, and more ammunition are available in this game.

  • Multiple Upgrades:

Multiple Upgrades are made available in this game to make your weapons better. For example, players can enjoy increasing the damage that their weapons cause and also the range of their attacks.

  • Benefit from Ads:

Players can hugely benefit from watching the advertisements in this game, as there are bonuses that come from watching each ad. Unlock new weapons and upgrades anytime you watch a thirty-second advertisement.

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  • Graphics:

The visuals in this game are excellent, as there are good illustrations of the stickmen, weapons, and the entire environment. It is a two-dimensional game, and the overall look is beautiful.


Human Gun APK is a fantastic game that players can enjoy playing. With multiple levels, weapons, and different upgrades, players will always be kept engaged.

Download Human Gun [94.08 Mb]


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