How to Get the Apple Skin in Fortnite – Tart Tycoon Guide

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The Apple Skin

Do you want to now ow to get the apple skin in Fortnite? This popular skin has been developed by Epic Games, in their attempt to revolt against the shadowy monopoly of @AppleStore. This is all a part of the ongoing Free Fortnite campaign.


If you aren’t familiar you can read ahead to understand more. It’s a complicated story that all Fortnite users (especially previous iOS users) should know and be aware of.

Free Fortnite Campaign

Have you heard about the Free Fortnite Campaign that has been going on recently? If you haven’t already heard, Epic Games has had a falling out with the Apple company, regarding the popular Battle Royale, Fortnite. Due to this, Apple has blocked all future updates to the game on the App Store. This includes the newest Chapter 2 – Season 4 update that was scheduled to release on August 27th.

Epic Games and Fortnite are still fighting to put a stop to the anti-competitive restrictions that Apple is incentivizing. This dark monopoly will not be allowed to continue, as long as Epic has anything to say about it.


Furthermore, Apple has completely blocked the game from being downloaded on the App Store. Unfortunately, iOS users will be unable to update or download Fortnite anymore.

All of this was because Apple’s greedy business tactics did not want its users to save any money from online purchases. Instead they chose to keep prices high and collect the extra 30%. You can join the battle against @AppleStore on social media, by joining #FreeFortnite.

What is the Apple Skin – Tart Tycoon?

So, Fortnite has started its Free Fortnite Cup as a part of the online movement. This is to ensure that players jump on the bandwagon and participate in the Anti-Apple campaign. This Cup will offer merchandise and online rewards, such as a Free Fortnite cap. The other reward will be the Tart Tycoon Skin AKA the Apple Skin.

Unfortunately, players have not received the latter, despite completing the cup. This predicament raises the question, “How to get the apple skin in fornite?”

Release Date

It was noted on the Epic Games website that the skin would have been distributed once the Cup period had concluded. The misconception was that players assumed this referred to your specific region. However, this is referring to the Cup period in every region of available Fortnite players.

In addition, there was one other piece of information worth noting, regarding this. The costume would be distributed within three weeks after the completion of the Free Fortnite Cup event.

The misunderstanding lies in the fact that Epic Games had not previously mentioned an exact date for this. All we can do for now is wait and bide our time until the skin has been released.

How to Get the Apple Skin in Fortnite

Now, let’s explain how exactly someone is able to receive their own copy of the Tart Tycoon costume. The process is rather simple. However, it may only be made available to those who have participated in the Free Fortnite Cup event.

To this extent, here were the rules and qualifications to be able to win yourself a copy of the Tart Tycoon costume. Make sure you have matched up with these specific conditions, otherwise, you will not be made eligible to claim the prize…

During the Free Fortnite event, players need to score at least 10 points from completing certain objectives. Once they have received all 10 points, they will automatically be made eligible to claim the Tart Tycoon skin for themselves.


Here is how to claim points during the event:

  1. Claiming a Victory Royale is the surefire way to score 10 points. You will earn all 10 at once, upon winning a round of Fortnite Battle Royale.
  2. Additionally, players will earn 1 point for every elimination they have earned. If you don’t believe that you can win the entire round, just make sure to take out 10 players in total, during the event.
  3. Likewise, it is also possible to earn points, simply through surviving. For every 3 minutes that a player is alive, they will earn another point. Meaning, a total of 30 accumulated points must be earned, in order to achieve the minimum of 10 points.

Mixing survivability with a few eliminations, you’ll be able to earn quite a few points per game.

Other Prizes

That’s not all! There is a plethora of different rewards that will be gifted to players for other challenges. For instance, the players who ate the most apples within the Fortnite game will be awarded gaming hardware / platforms.

That that being said winners can receive any of the following modern generation home consoles listed below:

  • A brand new mobile-home hybrid Nintendo Switch console.
  • A copy of the most popular console of the generation, the PlayStation 4, or PS4.
  • Also, the opportunity to receive a brand spanking new Xbox One.

In addition to these consoles, there could be a chance to win the other following mobile gaming devices:

  • Receive a slick new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7.
  • Or, the OnePlus 8 60FPS mobile device.

And finally, here is a list of the gaming laptops that can be won from the even winners:

  • The Alienware Gaming Laptop could belong to any of the winners.
  • And, the Razer Gaming Laptop is also a prize option.

We hope you have already participated and tried your very best in-game. Otherwise, you would have already missed your opportunity to claim one of these great prizes.

Otherwise, it may not be too late to earn the Apple Skin, if you weren’t one of the apple-eating winners from the event.


There you have it This is how to get the Apple Skin in Fortnite on any device. And if you haven’t already, join in the Anti-Apple Campaing and online movement to stick it to the evil company and their corrupt business practices!

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