Hair Challenge APK 27.0.2

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Do you love long hairs? In this fun game called Hair Challenge, you can go on obstacle races so you can change hair colors and make it as long as you can!

Hair Challenge APK 27.0.2
Name Hair Challenge
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 27.0.2
Size 276.28 Mb
Category Action
Developer Rollic Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.Upperpik.HairChallenge

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Our hair is an essential part of our bodies since they represent a lot of our personalities. More than that, we can style them and make our looks instantly different! If you’re fond of long hairs and challenges, then you should try playing Hair Challenge today. See if you can make your hair as long as you can to go across many obstacles and to finish the course. Here, the longer the hair, the more prizes there can be.

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This fun hair obstacle course game lets you enjoy picking up different hair to make your long! Here, you will use your long hair to your advantage as you walk across plenty of obstacles and pick up different colored hairs today. Avoid the spikes and dangerous obstacles along the way and enjoy a fancy walk today! The longer your hair is, the better your score is. Can you beat your high score to get as many diamonds and rewards today?

Make Your Hair Long

If you’re someone who loves making your hair longer, then you’re like a lot of people. In the world today, there are so many things you can do to make your hair long. You can apply aloe vera, different hair products and just let it grow in with time. With a long hair, we can do so many hair styles and hair colors and pair it with many incredible shoes and dresses. That’s why having a long hair is a great way to show off our personalities.

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In Hair Challenge, you can enjoy a hair-centered game that lets you walk down obstacle courses filled with razor-sharp blades! You should avoid these objects as much as possible so that your hair won’t be cut down. But you can also pick up different hairs all over the courses which adds to your hair length. These hairs are essential so that you can score higher at the end! The longer the hair, the higher the rewards that you can get.

Enjoy different hair colors and styles today in different levels. Also, you can collect hair dyes, characters and hair accessories as well.

Hair Challenge Features

Do you love getting long your hair long? In Hair Challenge, you’ll enjoy different types of hairs and obstacles.

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Amazing obstacle courses – Do you wish you have long hair or do you already have one? Our hair is an important part of our bodies since they are one of the most recognizable and customizable parts. We can don any style and hair color and we can make it to any length as we want. But if you want to enjoy a game about hair, then you must play Hair Challenge now. A game from Rollic Games, in here you can enjoy growing your hair instantly and avoiding obstacles.

The premise of the game is simple, you just need to be able to grow your hair as you walk down dangerous obstacle courses. There are rolling blades of all shapes and sizes today that threaten your hair! You must avoid all of these so you can walk down the red carpet and score rewards based on the length of your hair. Enjoy a fun game today where you can unlock many characters, accessories and dresses.

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Fun obstacles – In Hair Challenge, you will go through many incredible obstacle courses that are filled with dangerous and sharp objects. There are rotating blades, saws and many dangerous ones that can cut your hair in an instant. You must go through the finish line while maintaining your hair length so you can score high. But don’t worry, you can pick up hair along the way which will then add to your existing hair! There are many different colors available such as pink, brown, blue, and more.

Get your hair longer – This game lets you pick up scattered hair along the obstacle courses! The more hair you pick up, the longer your hair would be. But it can get shorter as you pass through the blades. You must maintain the length and make it longer as much as you can.

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Unlock hair dyes, characters and accessories – Hair Challenge also lets you unlock many hair colors and styles today. There are also many characters to unlock and use so you can experience fun things. You are also allowed to unlock many accessories such as cute hairbands and many more. This game lets you enjoy all of these hair goodies for certified hair addicts!

Enjoyable 3D graphics – Enjoy walking down the dangerous obstacles today with realistic looking obstacles. The hair designs and colors are also great!

Download Hair Challenge APK – Latest version

If you want to experience a different type of racing game, then try Hair Challenge! Get your hair longer now.

Download Hair Challenge [276.28 Mb]


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