GoTube Mod APK (Premium Unlocked/No ads)

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Download the latest version of GoTube Premium Mod APK for free now. Stream your favorite videos and music easily, freely and for free.

GoTube Mod APK (Premium Unlocked/No ads)
Name GoTube
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version
Size 21.29 Mb
Category Entertainment
Developer GoTube Studio
Price Free
Google Play Link premium.gotube.adblock.utube

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Download GoTube Mod APK – Stream Favorite Videos and Music

When you have free time, watching videos or listening to your favorite music can be the most appropriate choice to do. Currently, YouTube is one of the platforms that is widely used, but unfortunately the features offered are not very complete. Here, we have recommendations for alternative streaming places that have super complete features, namely GoTube Mod APK.

Similar to streaming applications in general, with GoTube Mod APK you can watch videos or listen to music in just one place. However, there are several interesting points that make this application different and more recommended for use.

GoTube Mod APK is an application created by the developer to make it easier for users who want to watch videos or listen to music in one place. Indeed, the features provided are a bit similar to the YouTube application. However, the characteristic of this application is its logo, which is dominated by blue.

gotube apk mod

By just using the GoTube Mod APK, you can listen to music in .mp3 format or watch videos in .mp4 format. The application can be said to be a type of multitasking application because you can play videos and do other online activities at the same time.

To date, GoTube Mod APK has been downloaded by more than 10 thousand users. The ease of getting and installing this application is also one of the reasons why GoTube is becoming more popular. You only need to set aside 18 MB of space to be able to download this application on your Android.

However, there is an important thing to remember that this application limits access to users under 17 years of age. Therefore, if you are under the specified age, please exercise discretion when downloading this GoTube Mod APK. Only those of you who are of legal age can use this application.

The developer offers a variety of interesting features that are included in this application. Therefore, there is no other reason for you not to download it. You can get the GoTube Mod APK download link at the end of the discussion

Listen to Unlimited Music on GoTube Mod APK

This GoTube Mod APK is very suitable for those of you who like to work multitasking. Because this application allows you to watch videos or listen to music while opening the application online.

With GoTube Mod APK, you can get videos with various types of quality options ranging from 240p to 1080p. You can choose the video quality by adjusting the remaining data quota you have.

gotube apk free download

Not only that, GoTube Mod APK for Android also provides various collections of trending videos. That way, you can continue to update the latest videos that are currently hotly discussed at that time. For this reason, you must immediately download the latest version of the GoTube Mod APK to get the newest features.

In this GoTube Mod APK there is also an unlimited collection of music, so you can find any song title you are looking for. That way, you can stream endless music along with your favorite songs right now.

Do as much multitasking as you like on GoTube Mod APK

The specialty of GoTube Mod APK compared to other streaming applications such as YouTube is that you can multitask as much as you like. Because this application also supports minimal floating window mode which allows you to open other applications while continuing to watch videos or listen to music.

YouTube, a similar application to GoTube, does not have this feature, because it requires users to go premium first. With GoTub APK, you can do multitasking without needing to stop streaming activities on this application first.

GoTube Mod APK Features

Before deciding to download the GoTube Mod APK on Android, it's a good idea for you to first know what features are offered in this application.

Multitasking – The mainstay feature that you can only get on GoTube Mod APK is the multitasking feature. Where, as previously explained, with GoTube Mod APK you can stream videos or music while opening other applications.

gotube apk download

Complete Playlist – GoTub provides a variety of songs that can be searched by artist, album, track and complete playlist. The developer created a streaming application with a very complete variety of songs so you can find hundreds of song genres in one application.

Video and Music in the Background – Previously it was mentioned that one of GoTube's features is multitasking and can be used while opening other applications. However, it doesn't stop there, you can also play videos or music when the screen is locked.

Videos and music will continue to run and you can enjoy them even though the screen is locked. This feature really helps you when you want to turn off your cellphone screen but still want to enjoy the songs and videos that are currently running.

Create Your Own Playlist – Not only can you enjoy the playlists that have been provided, you can also create your own playlists. By saving songs based on certain features, such as classic songs, you can name your playlists easily.

This feature will make it easier for you to quickly find songs that you want. Just add songs to the playlist or list that you have previously created, and listen to them when you want to play them.

gotube apk

Battery Saving – A sophisticated feature that is no less interesting than this GoTube Mod APK is that you can adjust the running of the application to save battery. If you click lock on the video player, the brightness will automatically decrease. This feature will also make it easier for you to listen to music or watch videos for free while still saving as little battery consumption as possible.

Download GoTube Mod APK – Latest Version

Now, you no longer need to hesitate to download this GoTube Mod APK. This streaming application offers various advanced and interesting features that are no less exciting than other similar applications. Get GoTube Mod APK free download by clicking the link below.

Download GoTube [21.29 Mb]


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