Google Play Books APK 5.18.2

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If you’re in love with eBooks and audiobooks, Google Play Books APK is the best app today. Here, you can find millions of eBooks and audiobooks to enjoy now.

Google Play Books APK 5.18.2
Name Google Play Books
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 5.18.2
Size 14.10 Mb
Category Books & Reference
Developer Google LLC
Price Free
Google Play Link

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There are so many enjoyable things we can enjoy now on the internet. There are so many lovely apps and websites that we can freely browse and download now. Since technology has evolved tremendously, we can easily enjoy plenty of eBooks and audiobooks today.

With Google Play Books, you can access and enjoy all of the best eBooks and audiobooks available worldwide. Feel free to buy and read them all here.

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This app is from Google, which allows you to browse tons of eBooks and audiobooks today. We can now enjoy plenty of these digital books to preview samples before you buy them today. Feel free to buy only what you want as there are no monthly subscription fees here.

You can then enjoy reading and listening to digital books right here, where you can also pick up where you left off. This app lets you want the best categories, and you can enjoy many of them today.

Enjoy eBooks and Audio Books

There are so many enjoyable apps and websites that we’re free to download today. Although reading books is still one of the most popular activities today, many people have adapted to digital mediums.

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We can now enjoy eBooks and audiobooks, which lets us enjoy content without the physical books. We can now enjoy so many of these, and we can access most of them in Google Play Books! This app offers millions of eBooks and audiobooks that you can purchase today.

Here, you’re able to browse and buy all the best audiobooks and eBooks available as there’s a built-in reader and listener as well. You’re free to pick up where you left off and add digital books to your list today.

The app allows you to buy only the digital books you like since there are no monthly subscription fees. You can also enjoy free samples to decide if you want to buy the digital book or not.

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There are many categories available here that you can enjoy as well as the Night Light.

Features of Google Play Books

With Google Play Books, you’re free to enjoy so many eBooks and audiobooks that you can purchase right now.

Millions of eBooks and audiobooks – The Google Play Store contains thousands of free apps and games that you can download. We’re seeing an influx of apps today since a lot of people are demanding them. Each of these apps is special since they allow us to do certain things.

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Moreover, we’re free to download them and use them each day. But with Google Play Books, you can enjoy the best eBooks and audiobooks today! Feel free to purchase as many as you want now.

With this app, you’re able to browse the hottest digital books that you can enjoy on your phone. There’s no need to search for them on Amazon or some other website as the best ones are in here.

Feel free to browse plenty of categories as well as personalized recommendations. There are so many types of eBooks and audiobooks available here for you to purchase individually. There’s no need to pay a monthly subscription fee to browse!

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Free samples – Sometimes, we don’t know what type of eBook or audiobook until we read it all. Thankfully, Google Play Books offers free samples so you can see what to expect today.

Here, there are millions of books that you can preview so you can decide whether to buy them or not. Feel free to browse and preview plenty of books today in this app.

No monthly subscription fee – With Google Play Books, you’re free to browse any books you want today! There’s no monthly subscription fee required for users to keep using the app.

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This is great since you can freely browse books and preview them without paying. Then, you can individually buy the books that you want anytime you want.

Built-in reader and listener – The app allows you to buy digital books and then read and play them right in the app! The app is optimized to contain all the digital books you purchased. Then, you’ll be able to read or listen to the books that you bought right here.

Download Google Play Books APK – Latest version

Have fun with millions of books now in Google Play Books! Enjoy reading and listening to books here now.

Download Google Play Books [14.10 Mb]


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