GeoZilla APK 6.60.2

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Do you want to keep your family members safe? Download GeoZilla APK today and share your location with your family. This is a helpful app for everyone!

GeoZilla APK 6.60.2
Name GeoZilla
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 6.60.2
Size 64.35 Mb
Category Lifestyle
Developer GeoZilla Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

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Download GeoZilla APK – Find my Family

Nowadays, we use smartphones for everyday work, business, and personal purposes. Most people keep their phones with them at all times to call people, be entertained, and do many things.

Since we bring our phones everywhere we go, they’ve become more valid now. Combine that with GeoZilla, and you can easily keep your family members safe! With this app, you can track your family’s location anytime.

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This app is helpful for every family, and they should download it today. Here, you’ll be able to share locations with your private circle, such as your family, so everyone knows where everyone is at all times.

With this app, you can link any smartphone using its GPS tracker so users will know their locations. You can then share texts, images, and videos using this app just like you would in any messaging app. With this app, you can easily monitor your family wherever they are!

Monitor Your Family

A lot of people have smartphones nowadays. We use them for many things such as for business, work, and school, and personal purposes. Whatever purpose you use your smartphone today, it’s a fact that we bring our phones everywhere we go.

Even if we’re going to eat at a restaurant, our phones are a must today. Thanks to these devices, we can quickly contact anyone in case of emergencies. With GeoZilla, you can even track your family’s locations all the time! This app lets you monitor their location through their phone’s GPS.

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This genius of an app should be used by every family in the world today as it can save lives. With this app, users can monitor the location of any member of a private circle in the app.

The app will link with the phone’s GPS to display the location of any member in real-time. With this, parents can easily monitor the whereabouts of their children anytime they want. They’ll know when they went home, went to school, and when they’re not at home.

The app also has a helpful feature that alerts members if a family member is speeding on a vehicle.

GeoZilla Features

If you want to monitor your family’s whereabouts easily, you can download GeoZilla today.

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Monitor your family – You can do many valuable things today with a smartphone. Thanks to these devices, we’re now able to enjoy doing many things such as playing games, contacting people, watching movies, listening to music, and more.

We bring our phones everywhere we go today, including school, work, restaurants, and more. This is why GeoZilla is a helpful app that every family should have right now.

This app lets you create a private circle where every member’s location will be shared constantly in real-time. With this app, you don’t have to worry whether a member is a home or not since you can monitor it. The app is helpful for families, especially for people with children who want to monitor them.

This app connects to your phone’s GPS so it can share your location with your family members. You can also share messages and texts easily with the app, just like you would in any other messaging app.

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Add members easily – With GeoZilla, you’re able to add members to a private circle today. With this, you can share everyone’s location all the time, which is ideal for families.

The best part is, you don’t have to worry about your privacy because all the information is only shared in your private circle. You can also easily add or remove members to customize the experience. With this app, you can safely monitor everyone without leaving your work!

Driver safety – With GeoZilla, you can also get alerted about any member who’s speeding in a vehicle. You’ll also know when a member is using their phone while driving so that you can warn them.

You can also get notified when there’s been a fire or an accident so you can contact emergency personnel quickly. This app is perfect for everyone today!

Share messages and media – What’s even more impressive with GeoZilla is that you can use it just like a social media app. Here, you can chat and send photos and videos of your day.

You can use it to quickly contact anyone as this is a complete app you can use right now. With this app, you’ll never have to worry about your family’s safety again!

Download GeoZilla APK

With GeoZilla, you can quickly check your family’s location all the time! Use it now on your phone for free.

Download GeoZilla [64.35 Mb]


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