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A Little About Netflix

So, you spend a normal day at home. There’s so much free time on your hands, whatever will you do? Well, there’s an obvious answer to this problem – Netflix! Everyone should already know about the most popular movie and TV series streaming application. This amazing app is spread across dozens of different devices and platforms for anyone to easily pick up and begin streaming away.

free netflix account

Families, friends, and lovers all across the globe have been fully-satisfied with the amount of sheer content available on Netflix. For the past decades, this application doesn’t seem to disappoint the general audience, in their attempt to find a nice show or movie to enjoy with the ones they care about.

So, if you haven’t already, take out your device. Go find your favorite snacks and prepare a cozy place to sit back and enjoy thousands of different videos. Invite your friends, families, or anyone else over for a good time. Netflix is the go-to application when it comes to enjoying movies and binge-watching television series, whether at home or on the go.

Need a Free Netflix Account and Password 2020?

But, there is still a common problem with Netflix: Money. Something this good obviously comes at a price. Although the cost of Netflix isn’t too much for most people to afford, there are still a select group of people who don’t have the luxury of paying for these services every month.

Fortunately, there is a solution for this as well. What if we told you that there is a way to make a free Netflix account and immediately begin streaming? Sounds too good to be true, right?

Between us, this is a secret that is best kept behind closed doors. Don’t share this around, otherwise your free services will be a short venture.

Anyways, here, we have listed exactly how anyone can openly obtain a free Netflix account and password for their device. No worries, your Netflix and Chill session won’t be interrupted by a subscription payment. Go ahead and get to your fun times and stream away!

How to Get a Free Netflix Account

Surprisingly, there is more than one way to obtain a free Netflix account and password for your devices. It all depends on which method is most convenient for you.

So, let’s go over all of the different ways for someone to get their hands on a free account. Follow along, depending on which is most suitable to yourself…

Using a Virtual Card

The first method for a free Netflix account and password 2019 or 2020 would be through using a virtual card. In fact, this way just might be the most convenient and easiest way for anyone who doesn’t want to use their own credit or debit card.


Virtual cards are just as they sound, virtual! The cardholder will never have to carry their own physical card around with them. Instead, you will be provided with a PIN and credit card number that can be used at any time for your transactions. Depending on the card, you may have to link your actual bank account for a transaction to go through.

At first glance, there is a huge process and system in order to obtain a virtual card. On the other hand, there are a ton of other ways to even get your hands on a virtual card FOR FREE! There are many websites and apps that provide free virtual cards with a set balance. This should be enough to cover the first month or 2 of Netflix, no problem.

Make sure to visit a trustworthy website or rewards application for your card. As, some of these places may be illegitimate and try to scam users for their personal information. So, always be wary of the source.

Netflix Free Trial

The second method would obviously be through the Netflix Free Trial program. When signing up for your own account, you will have the option to obtain one free month (30 days) worth of online streaming and services.


To this extent, you will be allowed to access all premium features of Netflix at no cost for an entire month. And, you will even receive a reminder to when the account is about to expire, three days in advance.

Account Sharing

Third, you can receive a free account through sharing. Netflix gives users the option to share their account with another person. Enjoy all features of a Netflix account, alongside one other person you care about. So, in the end, you are technically paying for two accounts at the price of one. Remember, this method can only be done with a total of two users. This is a completely legal and legitimate way for anyone to have a free Netflix account, through the use of one other person.

After all, sharing is caring…

Netflix Mod App

Finally, the last method in order to get a free Netflix account would be through the use of the Netflix Mod APK. You can download this file and have access to free accounts and begin streaming without the need of your own card or information to do so.


Take note, this is not the safest way to access the streaming application for free. In addition, if too much attention is brought to this subject, those accounts and devices could end up banned.

Free Netflix Account and Password Access

Here is a list of different accounts and passwords that can be used to access Netflix for free. Note: Some of these may not be available anymore, due to the reasons previously mentioned…


There you have it. Try out whichever methods are appropriate for you and enjoy!

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