FLTR APK 4.16.2

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If you want to spice up your photos, download FLTR APK today! Enjoy hundreds of free presets today. These include 80 packs with different styles.

FLTR APK 4.16.2
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 4.16.2
Size 87.03 Mb
Category Photography
Developer Mobile Presets
Price Free
Google Play Link com.feelty

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FLTR APK – Free Lightroom Presets

If you’re someone who uses the internet a lot, then you know just how important it is for everyone. Many people rely on it for their business, work, and personal lives today.

If you love using the internet, you can find tons of websites and apps today. You’re able to enjoy so many great apps today that let you edit photos. With FLTR, you’re able to enjoy so many presets today for free.

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If you’re someone who edits your photos a lot, then you can have fun with so many apps today. Many editing apps are present, as you can enjoy them right now for free. With FLTR, you can enjoy over 900 presets and 80 packs that you can use for your photos.

These include City, Pets, Dark, Beauty Set, Stay Home, Summer, Paris, New York, Island, Black & White, and more. These preset have already been edited, and you can use them instantly.

Free Presets

If you’re someone who loves editing photos, you can use many apps right now for free. You can find and download many apps like Canva, VSCO, Photo Editor Pro, Picsart Photo and Video Editor, Collage Maker, Instasize, Snapseed, and more.

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Each of these allows you to edit your photos by adding elements like texts, stickers, filters, and many more. But if you’re looking to achieve a particular look or vibe, then you’ll need FLTR today. This is a preset app for Lightroom that you can use today.

In this app, you can enjoy so many presets already edited for you. You need to download the app to enjoy over 900 free presets for Lightroom today.

You can enjoy different themes like Selfie, Desert, Urban, Food, Wedding, Pets, Journey, Summer, Stay Home, White Minimal, Nude Tones, Coast, Nature, Beach, Mexico, Thailand, and more. Each style is unique and produces different vibes to your photos that you can enjoy.

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With this app, you can achieve certain styles without editing your photos! Feel free to use a lot of presets now for free.

FLTR Highlights

You can enjoy a lot of presets for Lightroom today with FLTR. Download it now and enjoy many themes.

Free Presets for Lightroom – You can find a lot of exciting editing apps today to edit photos and videos. We can enjoy editing today thanks to a variety of free apps that are present everywhere.

fltr presets for lightroom mod apk

We can enjoy many of these apps on our phones as they’re free and exciting for everyone. You can use many editing apps today, like Lightroom, whatever photo you want to edit. This app lets you have fun as you use tons of free presets.

Lightroom is an editing app that lets you access advanced tools to create stunning photos. However, you’ll still need to learn how to use it, which can take a while for many people.

That’s why FLTR is a free app that features over 900 presets that you can enjoy today. Here, you can find tons of styles that you can enjoy like Jungle, Thailand, Winter, Fashion, Fall, Sunsets, Selfie, Desert, Mexico, Bali, City Style, Pets, Journey, and many more. All of these are fun and aesthetic.

free presets for lightroom fltr mod apk download

900 Presets and 80 Packs – With FLTR, you’re able to enjoy a free editing app that features a lot of exciting features today. Here, you can enjoy over 900 presets, which feature 80 packs you’re free to use. If you didn’t know, presets are pre-made filters that you can readily use on your photos.

You select these presets, and they will automatically apply their edited color to your photo. This means that you don’t need to edit your photos to have the best one manually. With this app, you’re able to access hundreds of free presets!

Automatic – FLTR is free and enjoyable to use. It features a lot of presets that you can freely enjoy right now. These are all free, and you can automatically use them for your photos.

lightroom presets fltr mod apk

You need to select the filter you want to use, and it will instantly be applied to your photos. There’s no need to edit your photos anymore if you’re tired manually.

Download FLTR App APK

With Presets for Lightroom & Photo Filters - FLTR, you’re able to access premium presets for free. There are many styles to enjoy here today!

Download FLTR [87.03 Mb]


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