InShot Pro Mod APK 2.050.1452 (Pro Unlocked/Full Effects)

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Have some videos on your phone that you want to create into a masterpiece? You’ll need InShot Pro MOD APK for that which has a lot of effects, transitions and cool templates.

InShot Pro Mod APK 2.050.1452 (Pro Unlocked/Full Effects)
Name InShot Pro
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 2.050.1452
Size 79.75 Mb
Category Photography
Developer InShot Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link com.camerasideas.instashot

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Everyday, we have so much memories that we want to capture them and make them last more than a lifetime. Most people nowadays love the idea of vlogging their daily lives using their phones. For this reason, you’d need a video editing app such as InShot Pro to make things even memorable.

inshot pro mod apk

When you want to edit videos and photos directly on your device, it’s important to have a reliable video editing app that can do it all. InShot Pro seems to be one of the top choices as it has catered to millions of people since its inception. To know more about this app, let’s dismantle it in the form of content!

The Modern World of Editing

In this world we live in today, it’s common knowledge that we value videos more than we did more than 2 decades ago. Now, we devour content left and right from social media sites to YouTube. We also create content like never before even if we don’t do it to earn money.

inshot pro mod apk

Because of this, there are more and more video editing apps being created every year. If you’re looking for a reliable and trusted app, InShot Premium MOD APK is your best bet. Why? We’re going to talk about that in this article. Read along till the end to know if this is the right app for you or not.

How InShot Pro Can Help You

There are so many video editing apps out there but how do you know what is perfect for you? One thing’s for sure, you’re here to know if InShot Pro is worth it, right? If so, we listed down all its features to help you come up with a decision.

Easily import videos and photos – One complain of novice video editors is that most video editing software have complicated interface and controls. This problem is solved once and for all with how easy it is to import videos and photos to InShot Pro. Just open the app > tap the video/photo/collage option > new > choose your video/s from your device.

Basic editing tools – It doesn’t matter if you have heavy-graphics content or simple editing needs, InShot Pro MOD Apk will take care of you. This app has all the basic tools you need such as crop, trim, speed up or slow down, adjusting the colors, filters and so on. This is just the basics and you already have everything you need!

inshot pro mod apk

Music and sound effects – If you can edit videos, you can also edit your music or audio in this app. You can cut, trim, slow up or down and add your own recording to it. You can also adjust the volume and add transitions to make it seamless. Everything you need for a complete video output; you can find in here.

Effects and transitions – A video editing application isn’t complete without the numerous effects and transitions. There are a bunch of effects you can add in your videos through the app. Combine that with the 55+ transitions available so you can have a great video. You can create modern videos thanks to the ever-updated transitions database.

Stickers and texts – When you don’t want to add a voiceover or if you’re shy, you can just add texts! InShot Pro makes this process so easy and so beautiful. You can add many fonts and in different effects. To make it even more amazing, you can add unique stickers and emoji. You can select from over 1000 different ones.

Video settings – This video editing app is also capable of supporting 4k videos. Aside from that, it can export videos in 1080p, 720p and so on. Whatever resolution you’ll need, you can select from the app and see the output size before even exporting.

inshot pro mod apk

Simple interface and free to use – All of this is possible because the app utilizes a simple but complete interface. Just from opening the app, you’ll see everything you’ll need and nothing more. It doesn’t bombard you with needless functions but it serves your needs when you need them. In short, it’s the perfect video editing app for beginners and advanced users alike.

InShot Pro Against Other Video Editing Apps

InShot Pro is among the top choices for a video editing app for a reason. It can compete with the top dogs in the industry with ease. But how exactly does it fare with others? We found these out…

Price – The base price for InShot Pro is $3.99/month. Compare this with PowerDirector Pro is $19.99/month, Kinemaster Pro is $4.99/month, and Filmora Go of $6/month and you can see who’s the clear winner.

Specs – When it comes to price, we know that it’s one of the cheapest out there. But in terms of features, it doesn’t stray away too far from its top competitors. It has everything you’ll ever need and more for a video editing app. It just lacks some extremely advanced features you can find in other apps. But overall, it can stand at the top.

inshot pro mod apk

Popularity – With 100 million installs, InShot Pro is up there with the most popular video editing apps ever. It’s no wonder that a lot of people still use this app even if it was created 5 years ago.

Top 4 InShot Pro Tips to Create Gorgeous Edits

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert in video editing, we’ve listed down these important tips for you!

  1. Add cinematic black bars – There are times when you want to make professional videos that look like movies. If that’s the case, you can easily make it in this app! Just search for a black image in Google > import it to the InShot Pro app > Put in on top and bottom > Adjust the size of it.
  2. Add PNG photos – There are cases when you want to add logos or photos but you don’t want the background. In these cases, you’d need PNG ones. Just search for your photos in Google and adding the PNG keyword if you want. But if you want to create your own PNG photos, just use Lunapic then import it to the app.
  3. Add zoom in and out effects – Most vloggers today add zoom in and out effects in their videos. To do this manually in InShot Pro, you just need to cut out sections of your clips > then head over to a section where you want it to zoom in > click canvas and go to zoom > adjust the zoom level.
  4. Add a B-roll – There are times when you want to have a b-roll of your products or services while you’re talking in the background. To do this, you just need to put the footage on the top of your recording. Just detach the audio from the video and then add the audio.
How to use InShot? +

Simply open the app > select from the 3 options which is video, photo and collage > import the media and then edit!

Is InShot video editor free? +

Yes, it’s free to download and use. But if you want to unlock more effects, transitions and other items, you can avail InShot Pro for just $3.99/month.

Is InShot safe to use? +

Yes! It’s been checked by Google before the app was uploaded so it’s safe to use.

Is InShot a good editing app? +

Of course. Just as you’ve read above, this is a good video editing app capable of going head-to-head with other popular ones such as Kinemaster, Quik, Adobe Premiere Rush and many more.

How do you undo a split in InShot? +

Unfortunately, there’s no undo button in InShot nor can you do Ctrl + Z. But you can just delete the clip and then import it again easily.

Download InShot Pro [79.75 Mb]


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