Fishing Life APK 0.0.229

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Are you looking for a relaxing game today? Enjoy Fishing Life now and catch plenty of beautiful fishes, sharks and whales. Heal your heart and relax now.

Fishing Life APK 0.0.229
Name Fishing Life
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 0.0.229
Size 134.64 Mb
Category Sports
Developer Nexelon inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link com.nexelon.fishinglife

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There are so many things that happen over our lives that sometime it can be a little too much. We have no control over these events but we also can’t just forget about them as they affect us one way or another. But whatever problems you’re facing right now, you’d do good to play Fishing Life today. Just like you, the character in the game faces many problems and fishing is the only way to forget those problems. Enjoy a fun and relaxing game today!

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This game is unlike any other games as it’s peaceful, relaxing and very enjoyable. Normally, fishing games are filled with gold, competition and rowdy things, but in this game, you will enjoy a fun time alone. Try to catch different types of fishes today from small ones all the way to whales! Here, you’ll enjoy the sunset and the beautiful sound of the waves, fishes and the background song that will help you relax. This is probably the best fishing game you can try playing today!

Relax and Go Fishing

Fishing is a popular activity that has been around ever since mankind existed. At first, it was done solely for the purpose of gathering food. But now, it’s much more than that as there are many competitions and many people consider this as a hobby. There’s just something so soothing and relaxing about fishing that it’s the perfect way to calm our minds after a stressing day. If you’re on the lookout for a fun fishing game, try Fishing Life and you won’t regret it.

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This game was published by Nexelon and it’s a recipient of the Best Indie game award from Korea Awards in 2019. Just one look at this game and you will already behold at the spectacle and the relaxing vibe of the game. Here, you will enjoy fishing in its purest form as well as enjoying different times of the day. You can fish during the day, during the sunset and at night and enjoy a fun and a relaxing time.

Here you can catch different types of fishes as you will try to fill your aquarium with many!

Fishing Life Features

If you enjoy fishing, then you must play Fishing Life now. This is a relaxing game that will heal all your wounds.

Relax with Fishing – There are many games out there that claim that they can make you feel relaxed but ended up making you more stressed. It’s actually hard to find a game where you can be at peace and not have to worry about high scores anymore. But if you’re lucky enough, you come across games like Fishing Life once in a while and you can relax. In this fishing game, you’ll be able to enjoy nature at its purest! Forget about problems for a while and come to the sea.

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Here, you will be able to fish and catch different types of fish from the smallest ones to even whales! You can then put the fishes in your aquarium or you can sell them for gold. But the more you fish, the more you can get money to upgrade your rod and other equipment as well as your aquarium. Enjoy a game with simple controls where you can catch different fishes at different times of the day.

Enjoy the Scenery and Sound – There are many types of games out there but the ones that can make you most relaxed are rare. Fishing Life is one of the rare ones as it boasts beautiful sceneries in which you can enjoy the sunset and the night time while fishing. Here, you will love the sceneries that were designed beautifully as well as the sound of waves and the fishes that you capture. Moreover, there are plenty of scenic background songs that will make you relax as you try to catch fishes.

Numerous Upgrades – There are also numerous upgrades to be done in this game. Here, you can upgrade your bait, rod and different items to catch more fish. What’s even more satisfying is that you can buy different items such as a bait guard, bait hide and many more. Moreover, you can buy and keep upgrading your boat from a wood boat all the way to a cruiser boat once you have the money. Lastly, you can equip and buy different characters to be more skilled.

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Different Types of Fishes – There are many types of fishes that you can catch in Fishing Life. From small fishes to sharks to even whales, you can catch quite a lot here. Enjoy your time today fishing.

Simple Controls – Catching fish isn’t as complicated here as you only need one hand to do so.

Download Fishing Life APK – Latest version

Enjoy fishing? Download Fishing Life and have a relaxing time fishing today and catching different fishes.

Download Fishing Life [134.64 Mb]


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