Fingerprint Video Locker APK 1.23

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Are you someone who has a lot of private photos and videos on your phone? Download Fingerprint Video Locker APK now and hide files with a PIN.

Fingerprint Video Locker APK 1.23
Name Fingerprint Video Locker
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.23
Size 20.24 Mb
Category Tools
Developer Anavil Soft
Price Free
Google Play Link com.anavil.applockfingerprint

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Download Fingerprint Video Locker APK – Hide Files

Many people use their smartphones all over the world today. There are all sorts of great uses for smartphones which is why many people own one.

fingerprint video locker apk all unlocked

They can download all sorts of apps thanks to smartphones, from social media to education to games. But if you have a lot of sensitive files, you can download Fingerprint Video Locker today to hide them under a PIN.

Thanks to this app, you can also lock up apps with a PIN so no one can easily access your sensitive accounts. This app can lock your Facebook, bank apps, Messenger, and many more apps for you.

You can also lock your gallery so your photos and videos will stay private. You can freely customize a PIN or lock pattern that only you know so no one can illegally access your data. This app can also alert you when there are intruders who try to break in!

Protect Your Apps

You can download so many apps on your phone easily right now through smartphones. Thanks to these devices, we can enjoy so many things right now that we can do. With so many apps available, you don't have to do many things manually today.

fingerprint video locker apk best version

You can even order food online, browse social media and send messages to everyone. But if you're someone who wants to lock your apps, then you can download Fingerprint Video Locker. This is an app that lets you lock apps with a PIN.

There are many reasons why you would want your apps to be locked. It can be extra protection against theft so they won't access your data and sensitive files.

It can also protect your shopping and sensitive apps from your children. With this app, you can lock up just about any app today with a PIN or password that only you know. Now, you don't have to worry when someone borrows your phone.

You can make sure that your privacy is protected thanks to this app. Download it now!

Fingerprint Video Locker Highlights

There are a lot of incredible apps available today that you can download. With Fingerprint Video Locker, you can protect your apps.

fingerprint video locker apk download for android

Protect your apps – There are many apps today that we can download anytime we want. Thanks to smartphones, we can now download just about any apps that we want. There are no limits from games to streaming apps to even education apps.

We can download everything, but you'll need Fingerprint Video Locker if you want to protect your data and privacy. This is an app that explicitly locks certain apps that you want to.

While a password locks your entire phone, this app lets you choose what apps you want to be locked. This is great because you can protect certain apps like Facebook, banking apps, gallery, Messenger, and other sensitive ones. You can protect your files and data from unwanted eyes, so you can rest easy when lending your phone.

This is also perfect for parents who always must lend their phones to their children. Now, they can't access shopping apps, banking apps, and others.

PIN or pattern lock – There are so many incredible apps to download right now for free. If you love using different types of apps, then there are so many of them available. Nowadays, you don't need to do many things as apps are available for you.

fingerprint video locker apk download

But if you want to protect your data and privacy, then Fingerprint Video Locker will come in handy. This app lets you lock specific apps like social media, messaging, gallery, and more. You can now protect what's precious to you, so you don't have to worry!

Break-in alerts – Today, you can freely lock your apps, so you don't have to worry about any accidents. With this app, there's no way for others to access your sensitive data and critical files.

But there's also a cool feature that will notify you when someone tries to access your locked apps. It will let you know when they tried to do that so you can prevent it from happening again. But most importantly, you don't have to worry about your privacy thanks to this app.

Protect your privacy – With Fingerprint Video Locker, you can protect your privacy as you can lock your gallery. With this app, you can make your photos and videos utterly private today.

fingerprint video locker apk

Even when you lend your phone to family and friends, they won't be able to access your most precious apps and files! Unless you let them know the password.

Download Fingerprint Video Locker APK – latest version

If you value your data and privacy, download Fingerprint Video Locker now so you can lock your apps.

Download Fingerprint Video Locker [20.24 Mb]


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