Fidget Toys Trading APK 1.24.2

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Do you enjoy trading toys with friends? In Fidget Toys Trading, you can enjoy a new toy-trading game. Get more toys as you deal with others at various levels.

Fidget Toys Trading APK 1.24.2
Name Fidget Toys Trading
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 1.24.2
Size 93.70 Mb
Category Puzzle
Developer Freeplay Inc
Price Free
Google Play Link

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There are so many toys that you can buy and play with today. Different sizes, styles and types of toys are available in the market. If you’ve traded toys with other kids when you were little, then you had an awesome childhood.

Nowadays, fewer children are doing these as most kids now have smartphones. But if you want to relive those precious memories, you can download Fidget Toys Trading! This is a toy-trading game that can relax you!

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Published by Freeplay Inc, this game will test you to the max to trade toys with others. You’ll face different levels here where you can deal with different types of toys such as Pop It, Simple Dimple, Rich, and Squishy. You can accept trade or not depending on you today.

You’ll have a gauge at the left that will tell you if the trade is good or not. Score some of the best luxury items and toys today but don’t get scammed!

Trade with Confidence

You can enjoy playing with a lot of toys today as there are so many available. Toys are an integral part of our childhood to bring back our joyful days even as we grow old. We can learn a lot by playing as we try to broaden our horizons and imaginations.

But have you ever heard of the concept of toy trading, which is popular among kids back then? In the game Fidget Toys Trading, you’ll enjoy this unique one where you can trade toys.

fidget toys trading apk latest version

The concept of this game is straightforward yet so addictive. It would help if you got the upper hand at any trade deals to move on to the next level. To get the most profitable trades, you must be skilled at negotiating and reading your opponents.

If you’re asking for too much, then the opponent may cancel the trade. But if you’re weak, then you might not get a profitable trade as you’d like.

You must learn how to get the best hands today in this game. Have fun with many levels, toys, and even items that you can collect.

Highlights of Fidget Toys Trading

The world of toys has a vast history. In Fidget Toys Trading, you’ll tap into that history by trading toys.

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Exchange toys – There are so many enjoyable games related to toys nowadays. Games themselves are toys that we can play with even when we’re adults now as there are so many of them. But if you’re looking for toy games today, then there are so many choices as well.

One of the unique ones is Fidget Toys Trading, and it allows you to exchange toys with others. You can collect and trade as many toys in here as the goal is to collect many.

There’s nothing more exciting than getting a bunch of toys as a kid, even when you’re an adult! In this game, you can enjoy that excitement as much as you want as you’ll need to trade in different levels.

You must be a skilled negotiator as you’ll need to trade the toys you have or you can buy new ones as well. Enjoy many types of fidget toys that you can trade and even play in this game.

fidget toys trading apk

Unlock toys and items – If you’re looking for the ultimate toy game to play, then Fidget Toys Trading is sure to be the one for you. The concept is unique as you’ll need to exchange toys for completing levels.

But the best part is the toys that you can unlock and trade in this game. You can freely enjoy different fidget toys like Rich, Squishy, Simple Dimple, and Pop It. There are also items that you can unlock, but you must be wary of scams!

Play different levels – In Fidget Toys Trading, your goal is to get the best trades all the time. To do this, you must take control of the negotiation and read the psychology of the opponent. This is easier said than done because there’s no sure thing in negotiations.

You must exercise caution as well as bravery when making trades so you can come out on top! Enjoy playing in various levels as your toy counts go up every time. This is a game that will test your skills every time!

fidget toys trading apk free download

But the best thing about this game is that you can also try playing with the toys before making the trade!

Simple controls – In this game, you’ll enjoy the simple controls. There are three controls that you’ll mostly use in trades. There’s the add more, trade and deny buttons.

Then, you can also enjoy the gauge at the left, which will let you know if a trade is good or bad.

Download Fidget Toys Trading APK – Unlimited money

If you think you’re the master of toy trading, download Fidget Toys Trading now! Unlock all the toys to trade as much as you want.

Download Fidget Toys Trading [93.70 Mb]


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