Fidget Toys 3D APK 1.3.51

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A lot of us like to fidget in different ways. If you want to play something, then download Fidget Toys 3D APK and relieve your stress! Create cubes, bubbles, and more!

Fidget Toys 3D APK 1.3.51
Name Fidget Toys 3D
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.3.51
Size 157.35 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Fidget Dev
Price Free
Google Play Link com.cdgames.fidget3d

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Humans are one of the busiest species on Earth as we’ve created an advanced civilization by constantly innovating. Now, we work on different things, offices and some are in schools as well. We do so many things every day that we don’t even notice our stress piling up until its too late. One of the signs that we’re stress is when we constantly fidget in different ways. If you want to remove this bad habit, try to download Fidget Toys 3D.

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In this game published by Fidget Dev, you can enjoy a variety of toys that can help you relieve some of that stress. Simply download it and enjoy 24 of the best fidget toys today that you can play now. These include toys like the Pop it Fidget, Fidget Bubble, Fidget Cube, Fidget Spinner, Slime, Bubble Wrap and many more. These are things and toys that you can find relaxation in playing anytime you wish today. Try them all now and relax!

Relieve Your Stress

If you work or go to school today, there’s a high chance that you experience some stress here and there. It’s unavoidable for the most part as there are countless pressures, exams, expectations and deadlines to meet in our lives. Not to mention there are also countless problems that we face in our personal lives that we keep to ourselves. Because of this, we often feel stressed and fidget a lot in order to keep our sanity. But if you want to fully relieve your stress, you should download Fidget Toys 3D today.

fidget toys 3d apk latest version

In this game, you’re free to play with 24 of the best fidget toys that the developers have created and compiled. These are anti-stress games that allows you to have fun when you’re feeling down or stressed. Enjoy games like the slime, fidget spinner, fidget cube, fidget bubble, Pop it fidgets, bubble wrap and many more. Most of these toys were made with the sole purpose of making the user as relaxed as possible.

Enjoy a variety of them now and change the colors, styles and enjoy today!

Fidget Toys 3D Features

There are many things we can do when we’re stressed. One of the best ones is to download Fidget Toys 3D and play different toys.

Relieve Some Stress – There are a ton of responsibilities that we get as we grow up today. If you’re currently working or at the university, you’re probably dealing with a lot of stress daily. There are countless drama, deadlines, exams, work and things that need our attention a lot. With the game Fidget Toys 3D, you get to relieve the stress you’re feeling by playing these relaxing games. There are a lot of individual games available today that you can play but this one compiles the best of the best.

fidget toys 3d apk free download

If you’re someone who enjoys playing with different toys, this can be the best game you’ll play today. This is merely a simulation game of many relaxing games but it can make you relax a lot. This game features interesting toys like the Fidget spinner, fidget bubble, fidget cube, Pop it Fidget, Slime, bubble wrap and many more. In this game, you’ll enjoy plenty of stress-relieving toys today so you can relax.

Enjoy 24 Fidget Games – This app features up to 24 toys that you can freely play today. These toys include the Fidget bubble wherein you can pop the bubbles and feel relaxed. Then, there’s the Fidget Spinner that everyone knows a few years back and can be an enjoyable toy today. Then, there’s also a slime that perfectly simulates the textures of it and many more. There are games for you to try and play every time you’re stressed here.

Customize the colors and styles – You can even customize some games and change their colors and styles here. For instance, you can change the colors of spinners, cubes, slimes and many more. Enjoy playing with them and changing their appearance so you can experience something new. There are a lot of toys for everyone to enjoy today. You can customize it to your liking however you want right now.

download fidget toys 3d for android

Realistic graphics and visualizations – The app feature a great job of simulating these toys. These toys are originally physical ones that have been recreated in here. In order to provide the realistic experience ever, the developers made it their mission to create the best experience. This means that you can still enjoy the toys even if you can’t touch them physically.

Enjoy for free – This app is completely for free! Enjoy a lot of toys in one app today and play as you like.

Download Fidget Toys 3D APK – Latest version

If you’re feeling stressed, you can play a lot of toys with Fidget Toys 3D! Enjoy different ones today.

Download Fidget Toys 3D [157.35 Mb]


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